Walk around Mysore’s Market

When in Mysore, you simply have to visit the vibrant Devaraja Market. While most Indian markets are sure to excite your senses, we really like Devaraja for its typical South Indian flavour, which make it totally different to the bazaars of Old Delhi or any Rajasthani city.

Here, Mysore’s love affair with sandalwood and other fragrant incenses is very much in evidence. The smells of jasmine, spices and incense mingle with the bright colours of dyes, candies, fruits and fabrics. The incense sticks are for religious ceremonies and for everyday use. Most are made with just natural oils and ingredients and are great inexpensive souvenirs to bring back home or share with friends.

Photographers will delight in the conical piles of brightly coloured piles of ‘kumkum’ powder, made from dried turmeric and saffron. It is a favourite of south Indian ladies for wearing on foreheads, and is used for religious markings all around India.

With your expert guide, you can learn about the making and use of many fascinating objects and the exotic fruit and veg on sale on a market walk.

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