Exceptional wildlife site in the far northeast

Mishmi Hills

The montane forests of the Mishmi Hills occupy the northeast corner of India’s most north-eastern state, Arunachal Pradesh, and are one of the country’s finest sites for wildlife. Almost unbelievably, this is home to eight species of cats.

Exceptional wildlife site in the far northeast

This is a vast, pristine subtropical evergreen forest of great biodiversity, spread across steeply sloping landforms, nourished by high rainfall. The Mishmi Hills are famed for their mammals. Tiger, Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard, Asian Golden Cat, Jungle Cat, Marbled Cat and Leopard Cat are all found here, making this one of the world’s finest sites for cats. The Red Panda is found in the north of the Mishmi Hills. Among ungulates, the Mishmi takin, a large relative of sheep is a unique resident, along with the Chinese Serow and the Himalayan musk deer. Other highlight species include Mishmi Hoolock Gibbon and Asiatic black bear.


The Mishmi Hills are home to almost 700 bird species, including Sclater’s Monal, Blyth’s and Temminck’s Tragopans, Ward’s Trogon, green and purple cochoas, chestnut-breasted partridge, rufous-necked hornbill, fire-tailed myzornis, pale-capped pigeon, rusty-bellied and Gould’s Shortwings, Nuthatch, scarlet finch and grey-headed bullfinch.

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