Theyyam is a traditional ritual art form dating back more than eight centuries. The dance uses unique and often grotesque make-up and costumes, lively foot work, gymnastic fervour and ritualistic vitality to narrate the many myths of gods and celestial spirits in Kerala mythology. Its performers are vigilant and committed to guarding the purity of […]

Walk around Mysore’s Market

When in Mysore, you simply have to visit the vibrant Devaraja Market. While most Indian markets are sure to excite your senses, we really like Devaraja for its typical South Indian flavour, which make it totally different to the bazaars of Old Delhi or any Rajasthani city. Here, Mysore’s love affair with sandalwood and other […]

Visit Mysore’s Silk Factory

Mysore’s silk industry was founded by Tipu Sultan in the 18th century, who imported silkworms from Bengal and Oman in a bid to boost the economic prosperity of his kingdom. The trade continued to grow under the Wadiyar rule. Today, Mysore alone is responsible for producing about half of all the silk made in India. […]

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Imagine a steam train slowly ascending the hills as you enjoy stunning views of lush green hills and valleys of the Nilgiri mountain range through your window, with cool breezes refreshing you. It’s an slow yet strangely exhilarating experience that awaits you at the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. Built by the British in 1908, the metre […]

The Bear Necessities of Life

A great educational stopover if you are driving between Delhi and Agra, it is an excellent and rare opportunity to spend time observing rescued sloth bears from close quarters.

Visit an Elephant Care Centre

A great conservation education visit that will enhance your understanding of these gentle giants and their vulnerability to unethical treatment.

Lunuganga Estate

Geoffrey Bawa’s country home, in his typical ‘tropical-modernist’ design