West Sri Lanka

Gateway to the treasures of Sri Lanka

Negombo’s many churches and its chilled vibe welcome arrivals at the nearby international airport.

North of Negombo, the coast is wilder, yet beautiful. Lagoons, coconut plantations and a large groups of resident Dolphins around Kalpitiya’s windswept beaches are excellent stops on the journey north up to Wilpattu National Park, where Leopards, Bears and a host of other animals thrive.

South of Negombo lies the capital city of Colombo, with its beguiling mix of modern chaos, traditional temples, colonial architecture and civic buildings, leafy suburbs and bustling markets. Colombo has the stylish bars, fine dining and refined shopping options that you’d expect of a capital city.

Wherever you travel on this emerald island, you are sure to be in this part of Sri Lanka twice, so make sure you leave enough time to enjoy its varied charms.

West Sri Lanka:

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West Sri Lanka:

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West Sri Lanka:


On the northern edge of the West coast lies the unspoilt Wilpattu National Park, a land of rainwater lakes and rich wildlife. Driving from Colombo north to the Wilpattu, it makes perfect sense to stop over in Kalpitiya to enjoy a spot of Whale and Dolphin watching.

West Sri Lanka:

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