Abode of the Gods


A land of endless discoveries and unique experiences

Nepal’s rich ancient cultures nestle in one of the most dramatic landscapes in the world.

Emblematic Himalayan peaks pull mountain lovers, seeking adventure or blissful calm. The southern jungles of the Terai are home to Tigers, Elephants and Rhinos.

The warm and friendly people are just as varied and fascinating as the landscape. In the world’s only official Hindu nation, Tibetan Buddhism, nature worship and shamanism also flourish. Colourful festivals and pageantry are symbols of their love for traditions.

Seekers of culture and history will love the medieval centres of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, world class palaces and the Buddhist stupas and monasteries.

Whether you want to relax gazing at white peaks, go hiking, paragliding or mountain biking, indulge your spiritual side with yoga and meditation, watch wildlife or want a bit of everything, Nepal will not disappoint.

Why Visit?

Nepal has long been known for its beautiful Himalayan landscape, which includes eight of the world’s ten highest mountains, including Everest, the tallest of them all. Gurkha soldiers and Sherpa climbers are global brand ambassadors of its national character – independent-minded yet friendly, seriously tough yet ever courteous.

It is a perfect time to visit Nepal as it has emerged from years of absolute Hindu monarchy, Maoist insurgency, economic troubles and the devastating earthquake in 2015 with renewed optimism and enthusiasm.


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Within a distance of 60km, Nepal’s terrain changes from the sweltering jungles of the Terai in the south, through rainforests and rhododendron highlands to the glacial valleys and the high-altitude deserts of the Himalayan rain shadow. This creates a spectacular flora and fauna diversity

The Terai lowlands are a belt of well-watered floodplains with tall grasslands sprinkled with riverine and hardwood sal forests, home to Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, Rhino, Gaur, sloth bears, several deer species (Spotted, Hog, Barking, Swamp) and antelopes (Sambar, Blackbuck and Nilgai). Hyenas, Wild Dogs and Jackals are the smaller scavengers. Chitwan and Bardia National Parks are located in the Terai and are the most popular amongst wildlife lovers.

Rarely sighted smaller cats like the fishing cat, leopard cat and the clouded leopard live in remote lowlands and midlands.

Higher up north towards the Mahabharat range, the hills are covered by deodar, oak, birch and maple and are home to Leopard, Serow and the Himalayan Monal, Nepal’s national bird. Serow, a goat relative, inhabits canyons and forests, while the Goral, along with the Himalayan black bear roam midland forests up to the tree line. The elusive Red Panda is very seldom glimpsed in the cloud forest of northern Helambu.

Further up in the alpine mountains, Nepal hosts a critical population of 400-500 Snow Leopard and its main prey species – bharal (blue sheep) and Himalayan Tahr.

Small numbers of the gregarious Gangetic dolphins are present in the Karnali and Sapt Koshi rivers, along with Crocodiles and Gharials.

Nepal also has more than 800 bird species (a tenth of the earth’s total), over 600 butterfly species and over 300 species of orchids, eleven of which are endemic to Nepal.


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