Tailor-Made Holidays

The Indian Subcontinent, your way

Your interests, your pace, your style. Our pleasure.

Each tailor-made holiday is created bespoke for you, reflecting your personal interests, tastes and aspirations. We'll bring in all our personal experience, up-to-date local knowledge and our vast network of connections to plan each stage of your holiday, selecting accommodation and activities that are just right for you.

Follow your Passion

If you have a particular passion for culture, wildlife, arts & crafts or history, or if you wish to commemorate a special occasion, we’ll create an itinerary to match your interests.

Select your destinations

Choose where to go, how long to spend there and what to see – see big highlights, seek off the beaten track places or mix and match.

Set your Pace

Choose how active or relaxed you wish to be. Decide how much time you’d like to spend sightseeing or hiking, and how much time you’d like at the beach or at the hotel garden. Spend as much or as little time doing whatever you’d like to be doing.

Travel your Way

Choose exactly how you’d like to travel on each leg of your trip. By Road. By Train. By Air.

Escorted Trips

Choose from a fully-escorted trip where the same guide is with you throughout the holiday, to having different guides in different places. Or even having no guide at all in some places.

Hotel Style

Choose to stay in simple or luxurious accommodation. From boutique properties to tented camps, homestays, heritage hotels and luxury resorts, we’ll suggest choices to match your plans at each stop on your itinerary.

Control your Budget

Whether you wish to have a great holiday within a budget, treat yourself to commemorating a special occasion or splurge on a holiday of a lifetime, we’ll make sure you get the best value out of your holiday.

We listen intently, curate wisely, plan meticulously, and deliver an amazing holiday. Everytime.

Our Accommodation Ratings

Opulent: Exceptional, unashamedly the best of sheer luxury. (£££££)

Luxury: Outstanding levels of 5* comfort, hospitality and facilities. (££££)

Premium: Excellent levels of comfort and hospitality and a wide range of facilities. (£££)

Mid-Range: Good levels of comfort and hospitality, with a reasonable range of facilities. (££)

Simple: Clean and simple, no frills. Often in areas of natural beauty or near wildlife reserves. (£)