East Sri Lanka

Some of Sri Lanka's best beaches are on the east coast

Eastern Sri Lanka retains a local, rather than touristy vibe. Fishing villages rather than luxury resorts dot the landscape, although there is no dearth of lovely places to stay.

A few days here allow you to peek into the lives of small villages of Muslim and Hindu sea-faring communities, explore colonial remnants, visit bustling local markets and relax on miles upon miles of white sandy beaches shaded by palm trees.

The reefs and ship wrecks off the coast offer excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities, while surfers are attracted by the waves.

East Sri Lanka:

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East Sri Lanka:

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Arugam Bay

East Sri Lanka:


Gal Oya National Park provides an opportunity for wildlife watching in peaceful tranquillity, with very few visitors to share space with. The Eastern coast is also a prime spot for Whale watching.

East Sri Lanka:

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