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The Indian subcontinent is less a holiday destination, more an intoxicating sensory experience. Travel writers and visitors have long struggled to describe the riches and contradictions of this vast, colourful and mystical land with originality. 

Few destinations offer such variety of landscapes, cultures, cuisines and wildlife. Not just faiths and languages, but even centuries seem to happily co-exist in this fabled land. If there is one constant, it is the genuine warmth and gracious welcome of the people, no matter where you go.

Here, you may lose your heart not once, but many times over. There are the breath-taking moments like seeing the Taj Mahal at dawn, sighting your first wild tiger, taking the scenic Mt.Everest flight or watching the evening prayers on the banks of the Ganges. And then, the small treasured moments like the kids waving to you as your train glides past, the sunset walk on a secluded beach, the bargain you grabbed at the bazaar, the fine tea you sipped while soaking in the views of the tea estate…

Let us plan your Indian Subcontinent holiday to make the most of the rich variety of destinations, experiences and hotels available. With our expertise, you’ll not just get to see the places you’ve heard about, but also discover hidden gems, have unique experiences and stay in memorable hotels that you’ll reminisce about fondly for years.

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