Expert-led & Small Group Tours

The Indian Subcontinent, your way

Expert-led Tours

Our Expert-led tours are insightful and enlightening holidays delving deeper into the history, culture and natural wonders of the Indian sub-continent. Our experts are chosen for their specialist knowledge, companionship and enthusiasm they bring to the party.

Small Group Tours

Explore the Indian sub-continent with our experienced English speaking Tour Leaders and Guides, in the company of like-minded fellow travellers.

Genuinely Small Groups

Most of our tours have a maximum group size of 8, and on average run with 6 travellers. This is much smaller than most group tours offered – something that we prefer and our clients appreciate. Small groups allow for flexibility and spontaneity, enable us to stay in small boutique and heritage hotels, and create a more intimate, personalised atmosphere.


Our tours aim to create an easy and informal atmosphere travelling with like-minded people. Our Experts and Tour Leaders are chosen not just for their knowledge and experience but for their friendly manner that helps everyone relax and have fun.


All of our small group tours are led by knowledgeable, English-speaking Tour Leaders and Guides, who are available to you 24/7. Our tour leaders explain history, interpret cultures, decipher menus and seek out extra treats for the group, while at all times ensuring that everyone’s comfortable and the tour runs smoothly.

Value for Money

It can be more affordable to travel in a group, especially for solo travellers or those travelling with friends or loved ones as some costs can be shared across the group.

Solo Friendly

Our tours are perfect for Solo travellers, providing comfort and safety if you’re hesitant to travel alone, or just prefer some company.

Characterful Stays

Our tours stay at places that add to the experience, such as small boutique hotels, owner-run heritage havelis and palaces, houseboats or tented camps in deserts or wilderness areas.

Smooth Travel

Our tours use private, air-conditioned vehicles on most legs. With our small group sizes, we don’t have to use large coaches, which makes it easier to travel off the beaten track. We use train travel where it enhances the experience or brings convenience over road travel. We only use domestic flights where absolutely necessary to keep our tours green.


Our tours are holidays, not boot camps. You are never obliged to join in the day’s planned excursions or activities, so if you wish to have a lie-in, relax by the pool or read in the garden, it’s all perfectly fine.

Quality Food

Breakfast is almost always included on our tours. We provide lunch and dinner when staying in remote or wildlife destinations. When staying in cities, we taste local cuisine at independent restaurants. The tour leader is always at hand to help choose hygienic, authentic street food and restaurants. Eating out spreads the benefit of tourism wider into local communities while enriching your travels.

No Hidden Extras

We provide a detailed list of what is included and not included in the tour price. We don’t have any hidden optional extras but you are always free to indulge in extras such as spa treatments which need to be paid for locally.


Our tours have a fixed departure date and itinerary but you can personalise your holiday by adding extensions at either end of the tour.

No bundled Flights

Our tours do not bundle in international flights, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred airline, departure airport and cabin class. This allows us to keep our prices competitive and makes it easier for you to add extensions at either end of your tour.

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