North India

India at its most culturally diverse

Stretching from the Greater Himalayan Range in the north down to the Indo-Gangetic plains, over centuries North India has absorbed imprints of cultures from beyond the Himalayas to create a unique syncretic identity of its own.

At the heart of north India lies the capital Delhi, the seat of Indian power through centuries and empires. The great Mughals’ grand architecture, gardens, old markets and mouth-watering cuisine attracts visitors to Delhi and Agra. The Taj Mahal remains a perennial bucket list entry, forever a symbol of love, and a symbol of India.

States in this region: Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi

North India:

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North India:

Unmissable Sights

North India:


Cold and barren Ladakh, forested Himalayan slopes and the vast plains of the subcontinent.

Hemis National Park offers a chance to spot the rare and elusive snow leopard, and other high-altitude rarities.

Further south towards the lower Himalayan foothills lies India’s first national park, Corbett, a must for anyone wanting to tick elephants and tigers off their bucket list. A perfect introduction for families with children and teenagers to wildlife watching.

Towards south east of Delhi lies the magnificent World Heritage site of Bharatpur, world famous for its rich birdlife, and large congregations of migratory waterfowl. Whether you are a keen birder or just need fresh air after the hustle-bustle of Delhi and Agra, Bharatpur is an easy addition to any Golden Triangle itinerary.

Beyond the well-known parks, the region is a treasure trove of less frequented reserves offering a chance for a more serene experience.

North India:

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