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Chapslee, just a short walk from the Mall Road is one such heritage building, the first in Shimla and one of the first heritage buildings to have been converted into a hotel. Yes, Chapslee has been operating as a small hotel since 1973, the eighth heritage hotel in India! A heritage hotel in its truest sense, Chapslee is committed to preserving not only the heritage architecture in maintaining its iconic structural dimensions and style, but also the sense of timeless traditions attributed to Shimla from the days of the Raj. In preserving traditions such as the silver service, sit down dinners, Christmas celebrations, slow cuisine, high tea and quiet conversations, Chapslee invites guests to a glimpse into the past.

Our Rating: Mid-Range
Property Type: Heritage


Shimla will always be a remarkable relic of the British Raj in India. A piece of heritage worth preserving before it is swallowed by the relentless and often mindless calls for development. Despite unruly construction and unchecked tourism, Shimla and some areas the city, still hold some of the beauty of a city beloved as the ‘queen of the hills’, and the reason why the British bequeathed upon her the prestige of being their summer capital. The names of lanes, boulevards avenues and highlights of Shimla are a throwback to the days of the Raj, while mansions built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries continue to hold Shimla as one of the top five places in India where British history can be narrated with adequate references to architecture and people’s stories.


If you are looking at ‘renovated’ heritage you are likely to be disappointed. However, if you love a sense of the old, instinctively run your palms over fabric, wood, paper; your eyes pick on designs on chintz, sliver, crystal and you can’t get enough of the ingenuity of human thought and fervour, Chapslee is for you. The Chapslee suites – all five of them, are of various sizes and design, yet warm and spacious where daylight streams in gently, and, it’s not such a bad thing here. Low light has preserved the priceless artefacts and tapestries. Little wonder, time stands still as you move from your suite to the gallery or walk up the stairs; in awe each time as you look at the rugs and chandeliers from above or as you run your fingers over the silken smooth mahogany banister.


The dining experience at Chapslee is best understood by experiencing it. Kanwar Ratanjit Singh was a gourmet and put together a collection of recipes from the royal houses in North India and made them his own. The cuisine continues to be the talked about highlight of one’s stay here for its unique, authentic and delectable flavours covering the Indian and Continental palate. So much so that it was included in Chef Anthony Bourdain’s series Parts Unknown.


From wallpaper dulled with age, priceless crystal, wall high tapestries, to photographs, furniture and rugs – this is a living museum preserved with love and a sense for sharing with those who appreciate a sense of vintage. Mrs. Singh, wife of late Kunwar Ratanjit Singh who doggedly preserved a lifestyle much of it lost in time, is your regal host. An evening by the lively fireplace spent with her is to be regaled with stories of some of the last British gentry who were her friends. Her precise memory of places, timelines and anecdotes often told pointing to some object d’art around Chapslee are personal accounts told in an unconscious British accent with a great deal of wit and eloquence.

Chapslee is like a sparkling seductress at dusk, candlelight and mood lighting renders a particular mystery to the collections and photographs preserved over the years, the old wallpaper glows and there is the hush of long forgotten moments, of people and conversations. Dinner in particular is ‘throwback’ time and you will live a moment of the ‘Raj’ while the day is for lounging in the lawns or in the conservatory, liveried tea service at your call.

Beginning or ending at Chapslee are many walks that can be themed according to one’s own eclectic interests. There are several intriguing walks to choose from, and for history buffs several trails with experts await. Three to four days spent in Chapslee will be a real ‘exclusive affair’. Morning or late afternoon walks along ridges, lanes or looking at well preserved buildings and learning about their historical significance, leisurely multi-course lunches followed by tea set out in the garden. Dress for dinner, have a drink in the beautiful hall, meet Mrs. Pronoti Singh and follow it with a formal dinner by the candlelight in the gracious dining room. And if you are celebrating your birthday or anniversary, at Chapslee, it will be a moment to frame!

Perfect for
those who love all things vintage and history. With just five rooms it is perfect for intimate get togethers and celebrations.

Chapslee closes after Christmas and reopens in March.

Why we love this place

From wallpaper dulled with age, priceless crystal, wall high tapestries, to photographs, furniture and rugs – this is a living museum preserved with love and a sense for sharing with those who appreciate a sense of vintage.

About your host

Chapslee was originally built in 1828 by Dr Blake a surgeon in the East India Company, it was purchased by Raja Charanjit Singh of Kapurtala in 1938 as his summer residence. His grandson Kuwar Ratanjit Singh decided to open Chapslee to receive guests, and now it is his great-grandson and namesake who looks after Chapslee and her guests.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Chapslee is an embodiment of Living Heritage. The family continues to fervently uphold and give a glimpse in to the heritage where the past lives on in small elements. Here is a chance for travellers to experience mindful living in an almost museum-like experience; where much of the past continues to thrive. This serves to create awareness and respect for the past and continue to create value. A well-presented heritage concept has the ability to engage travellers and appreciate it for what it is, our past as great inspirations or a history never to be repeated.

Our Recommendation

Christmas at Chapslee is special. A traditional Christmas dinner in silverware, a roaring fireplace, the majestic deodar, pine and fir trees, crisp mountain air and if luck prevails ' a white Christmas makes it an enchanting experience.

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