Baber Mahal Villas

Baber Mahal Villas

, Nepal

If you are looking for a unique and luxurious stay in Kathmandu, Baber Mahal Vilas is a boutique hotel that showcases the rich heritage of Nepal.

The hotel is part of the Baber Mahal Revisited complex, a historical and cultural hub that features art galleries, museums, restaurants and shops. Baber Mahal Vilas is a family-owned and operated hotel that prides itself on providing exceptional service, hospitality and cuisine to its guests.

Baber Mahal Vilas celebrates the beauty of Nepal’s culture and invites you to experience the charm of Nepali hospitality.

Our Rating: Premium
Property Type: Boutique


The hotel has 13 rooms, each decorated in a different style that reflects a specific aspect of Nepali architecture. You can choose from the elegant Rana Durbar rooms, inspired by the palaces of the former Rana rulers; the cozy Newari rooms, featuring traditional woodwork and carvings; the colorful Mustang rooms, with Tibetan motifs and paintings; or the spacious Terai rooms, adorned with bamboo and rattan furniture. All rooms are equipped with modern amenities and offer stunning views of the courtyard or the garden.

The hotel also has a swimming pool, a spa, a fitness center and a library for your relaxation and enjoyment.


The hotel’s restaurant serves authentic Nepali cuisine as well as international dishes. Enjoy a drink at the bar, which offers a selection of fine wines and spirits.

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