Nepal’s first National Park, pioneering best practices in nature tourism and conservation

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan is one of the last surviving examples of the natural ecosystems of the Terai region.

Nepal’s first National Park, pioneering best practices in nature tourism and conservation

Chitwan covers an area of almost 1000 km2 between two East-West river valleys at the base of the Shiwalik range of the Himalayas. It is home to a rich diversity of wildlife (56 mammal species) from the largest terrestrial mammal, the elephant, to the smallest, the pygmy shrew. The Indian one horned rhino and the Bengal Tiger are among the star attractions. Leopards, sloth bears, fishing and jungle cats, golden jackals, crab-eating mongoose and yellow-throated martens can be spotted, as can gharial and the marsh mugger on a boat safari.

Chitwan enjoys one of the highest bird concentrations in the world (with 525 bid species , with more than 22 globally threatened species in its boundaries such as the critically endangered Bengal florican, slender-billed vulture, white-rumped vulture, spotted eagle and red-headed vulture. It also receives several migratory species such as the greater spotted eagle, eastern imperial eagle and Pallas’s fish eagle.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site


Chitwan was the hunting ground for the Nepalese royal family. King George V and his son, the future Edward VIII, visited in in 1911 and managed to bag 38 tigers and 18 rhinos in a single expedition. Hunting has been long since banned, and the relentless anti-poaching efforts by the government has led to a revival in tiger and rhino populations.


The Narayali River is ideal for boat rides, viewing wildlife on the banks and the peaceful riverside villages. Certain tracks are open for walking safaris, allowing visitors to explore the jungle on river, jeep and foot safaris, each giving a unique perspective.

Within the park lies a Ramsar Wetland site, the Beezashari Lake.

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