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The best wildlife reserves on the Indian Subcontinent

The incredible natural wealth and wildlife of the Indian subcontinent has fascinated all those who’ve encountered it, from the Mughals to shikaris of the colonial era, and now to contemporary wildlife photographers.

India’s Project Tiger, initiated in 1973, celebrates its 50th year in 2023. It remains one of the most comprehensive conservation efforts ever launched anywhere in the world. Despite the odds and occasional setbacks, it has rightfully been lauded for its achievements.

At the apex of India’s rich biodiversity, the Tiger has thrived wherever it has been given a chance. India has saved its Tigers by protecting their entire habitats. Populations of Rhinos, Elephant, Swamp-deer, Sloth Bear, Gaur and several other species big and small are grateful beneficiaries.

Practically no corner of India is without amazing wildlife reserves and bird sanctuaries.  

Sri Lanka is one of the most bio-diverse places in the world. This together with the relative ease of access and the availability of good facilities for travellers make it an excellent destination choice. You can be snorkelling in the morning in warm seas with rich coral reefs and be in the mist draped coolness of a cloud forest by evening, listening to the alarm calls of sambar warning against a hunting leopard.

Nepal’s Terai jungles host thriving populations of Tiger and Rhino, protected from poachers.  

Bhutan’s pristine wildlife reserves hold unique species of mammals and birds.

Whether you just want to experience the thrill of a jungle safari and see your very first Tiger or Elephant in the wild, or you are a wildlife lover, birdwatcher or wildlife photographer, talk to us and let us use our experience, knowledge and a network of expert naturalists and guides to create unforgettable wildlife experiences for you. 
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