A private reserve amidst an eco-friendly luxury resort

Loris Conservation Centre

The Loris Conservation Project at Jetwing Vil Uyana is one of Sri Lanka’s most acclaimed wildlife research and conservation programs.

A private reserve amidst an eco-friendly luxury resort

The rare Slender Loris in Sri Lanka has suffered habitat loss, human persecution and losses due to agricultural electric fences, reducing numbers dramatically. Some sub-species, such as the Horton Plains Loris, are dangerously close to extinction.

The thriving population of Grey Slender Lorises at the Loris Conservation Centre is a tribute to the visionary efforts of Jetwing, the resort owners, as it was the very first site in Sri Lanka dedicated to the conservation of the Slender Loris. To date, Jetwing Vil Uyana has welcomed over 29 lorises to the world as the population within the resort continues to thrive.

Tourism for Conservation

A prime example of how tourism can have a positive impact on biodiversity and environment, the Vil Uyana resort was careful constructed and transformed from an abandoned, severely degraded farmland into a wetland ecosystem . During the early phase of development, Slender Loris were found in the vicinity, and the far sighted decision of demarcating and preserving a part of the resort as a wildlife refuge was taken. New waterways were created, and numerous native trees were planted. As the flora matured, Slender Lorises as well as other animals such as fishing cats, otters, and rusty-spotted cats moved in to occupy the new habitats to the delight of conservationists, naturalists and of course, innumerable tourists who have enjoyed the special and rare privilege of seeing a Grey Slender Loris, safe and thriving in its native habitat.


Visitors undertake a night trail led by expert naturalists through the private reserve to spot the Slender Loris using infrared headlamps. There is a very high chance of spotting the Loris here, as the naturalists know the private reserve like the back of their hand, and the Loris, while completely wild, are habituated to the unthreatening human interest.

The trail is accessible to everyone, not just guests staying at the Jetwing Vil Uyana.

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