One of India’s best-managed wildlife reserves

Kanha National Park

Kanha’s pristine habitats are home to the world’s only population of Barasingha, apart from a sizeable tiger population and a wide variety of mammal and bird life.

One of India’s best-managed wildlife reserves

Kanha’s valleys hold lowland forests of towering sal hardwood trees once heavily felled for railways sleepers and other mixed species of forest trees.

The forest is interspersed with grassy meadows – the habitat of spotted deer, the rare hard ground Barasingha and ambush ground for the tiger. The higher forests are more tropical with bamboo growing in clusters within which gaur, wild pig, sloth bear and sambar deer make their homes

The grass and scrub plateaus are ideal Gaur habitat. The rocky cliff-like ridges edging the plateaus overlook the park’s spectacular landscape. The slopes, carved by myriad ravines are covered by mixed forest and plenty of dense bamboo, climbers and undergrowth, perfect for the majestic tiger.

For the bird enthusiast, a day’s count can be as high as 120 species, especially during the winter months. Shravan Tal, located in the central meadows of Kanha, is an unforgettable site for the avid bird-watcher.

The Valleys of Kanha

During the British Raj, the Banjaar and Halon valleys of Kanha were the hunting grounds of the rich and powerful. Tigers and the Barasingha were hunted down almost to local extinction.

The tide began to turn in 1933, when realizing the region’s wildlife potential, part of the Kanha Valley was offered protection followed by the adjoining Halon Valley a couple of years later.

However, the indiscriminate killing continued until, ironically, the massacre of several tigers by a privileged hunter caused a huge public uproar and special legislation was passed that finally saved Kanha’s precious wildlife from the gun.


If time permits, a visit to a nearby village will be rewarding, especially on the weekly market days.

Birding, cycling and walking trails along the Banjaar River or nature treks in the buffer zones near the Khatia and Mukki Gates is a great way to soak in nature.

Night safaris can also be arranged within buffer areas.

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