Balancing traditional culture and the natural world

Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary

This remote and rarely visited sanctuary is home to Black-capped Langurs, Red Pandas, Tigers and Snow Leopards. It is also the winter roosting place of a small flock of Black-necked Cranes.

Balancing traditional culture and the natural world

Bomdeling is on the UNESCO tentative world heritage list for successfully balancing traditional culture and the natural world. The diverse ecosystems here include broad-leaved forests, pines, bamboos and Alpine pastures. With so few visitors, this sanctuary is an ideal place for those who wish to enjoy nature in complete peace and solitude.

It is situated in the north-western part of Bhutan, bordering India and China. BWS has a wide altitudinal range and eco-systems varying from broad-leaved forests at1,500m in the south to the northern alpine meadows and extensive scree slopes around 6,500m. It is an ecologically sensitive area, home to over 100 animal species including the globally endangered Snow Leopard, Red Panda and Bengal Tiger (recorded at 4,000m), 290 bird species with 4 near threatened and 5 globally threatened species (IUCN Red List) including Pallas’ Fish Eagle and Black-neck Crane with over 130 butterfly species including the endemic Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail


The protected Himalayan yew and blue poppy are found in the sanctuary, which also claims over 40 species of wild orchids.

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