Located in the Western Terai region, Bardia is the largest of Nepal’s Protected Areas

Bardia National Park

Bardia is home to an increasing population of the Royal Bengal tigers, along with migratory elephant herds, Indian one-horned rhinos, leopards and the very rare Gangetic dolphin in the Karnali River.

Located in the Western Terai region, Bardia is the largest of Nepal’s Protected Areas

The forests are a mix of sal (Shorea robusta) trees, open grasslands and riverine woodlands. The open forests make for good tiger sightings and are a good habitat for rhinos and migratory elephant herds who cross the border from India’s Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.

The rivers support sizeable populations of gharial and mugger crocodiles as well as the Gangetic dolphins. Birdlife consists of about 230 species including Bengal florican, lesser florican, silver-eared mesia and sarus crane.


Originally a royal hunting reserve for the Nepalese royal family, it was handed over to the East India Company through the Sugauli Treaty and became part of British India for 45 years. It returned to Nepal in 1860 in recognition for its support in the suppression of the Indian Independence movement in 1857. Even today, the annexed area is called Naya Muluk (new country) by the locals.

It’s transition from royal hunting grounds to a wildlife reserve began in 1976 when it was declared a protected area. In 1982, it was proclaimed as Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve and extended to include the Babai River Valley in 1984. It finally became a National Park in 1988 and since then has made tremendous strides in protecting wildlife.


The local Tharu community’s beautifully decorated homes can be found in several lowland villages around the park. The Tharu have a natural resistance to the deadly malaria disease. A visit to a Tharu village is a must when visiting Bardia.

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