Wildlife camp near Rajaji National Park

Aalia Jungle Bandarjudh

Aalia Jungle Bandarjudh

Rajaji National Park
, Uttarakhand
, India

A sense of calm touches your soul the moment you step into Aalia Jungle Bandarjudh. Delve into hidden secrets of the wild, in forest reserves of Rajaji; escape into the spiritual world of Haridwar & Rishikesh. Soak up our peerless accommodation and luxurious service as you enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Wildlife/Nature Lodge


Nestled in the Shivalik range lies Aalia Jungle Bandarjudh offering luxury wilderness experiences. It shares boundaries with Rajaji National Park which lies in the upper Gangetic plains encompassing the Shivaliks. This lesser visited gem of a national park is home to over 315 species of birds, while the surrounding region has over 500 species, including both migrants and residents.

The camp is located at a convenient distance from holy cities of Rishikesh & Haridwar.


Come glamp at the luxurious tents of Aalia Jungle Bandarjudh. The luxury tents are surrounded by a jungle while allowing you to relax in style and comfort.


Enjoy immersive dining with our Farm to Table culinary experiences curated by in-house chefs.


Walking around the jungle with our expert naturalist at Aalia Jungle Bandarjudh camp is an exhilarating feeling and coveted experience about this natural habitat.

Two retired race horses roam majestically here. It’s an absolute treat to walk them on green pastures and hear them graze with soft breeze blowing on your face. We’ve designed an immersive experience of being at a farm and fully experiencing all the chores along with game drives at Rajaji National Park.

Why we love this place

Each tent at Aalia is designed to keep your convenience and comfort in mind. Enjoy a weekend of pure bliss and luxury amidst nature.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

We take a lot of pride in nurturing talent from the local community thus stimulating the surrounding economy.

Our Recommendation

Under the blue open sky, surrounded by lush green trees, imagine swimming under calm waters while the sun goes down.

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Our Accommodation Ratings

Opulent: Exceptional, unashamedly the best of sheer luxury. (£££££)

Luxury: Outstanding levels of 5* comfort, hospitality and facilities. (££££)

Premium: Excellent levels of comfort and hospitality and a wide range of facilities. (£££)

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Simple: Clean and simple, no frills. Often in areas of natural beauty or near wildlife reserves. (£)