Bijaipur Horse Safaris

Bijaipur Horse Safaris


, Rajasthan
, India

In Indian culture, the horse is well known for its ornamental role in royal processions, and most importantly as a battle worthy, agile, dependable and loyal beast in the fleets of many kings and emperors. The stables of Bijaipur have a special bloodline of Marwari Horses. Their most distinctive feature are curved ears that can swing 180 degrees to adapt to the desert winds. Local legend believes the Marwari horse to be divine; it is celebrated for its bravery and loyalty. This hardy animal has a fiery nature, peacock-like head and a silky coat.

They were used widely up until the British arrived in India with a faster, newer model and as a result Marwari horses were replaced in noble stables by larger thoroughbred and Australian Waler horses and rather unfortunately became a poor man’s horse. Saddened by the plight of their beloved horses used in wedding processions and pulling puling carts through the streets, some royal houses have recently started establishing Marwari breeding programs in an attempt to improve bloodlines and reclaim their heritage.

Itineraries start from three nights extending to about six or seven depending on interest.

Our Rating: Premium
Property Type: Boutique


A bespoke expedition company, Bijaipur Horse Safaris is based out of Castle Bijaipur, a 16th century old castle of the Udaipur state. The landscape includes riverine terrain, scrub landscapes and paths barely trodden upon that are part of the Vindhyanchal Hills. The countryside is largely agricultural in nature and continues to give an insight to rural India.


Depending on the route, overnight stays typically tend to be in surrounding royal homes turned hotels in Chanoud, Bhadrajun and Bhenswara. Rooms are comfortable with mod-cons yet ethnic in style with ensuite facilities.

The riding is mainly done in the mornings allowing for other activities such as cycling, cooking lessons, massages or lounging by the pool.


On some days, out of nowhere almost like a mirage in the distance, an oasis appears in the desert. Under a spreading safari-style gazebo, muslin curtains flapping in the breeze, are leather and cane sling chairs, safari-style folding tables and even a retractable daybed. Lunch is served along with cold cocktails and there is time for a snooze before you move on. On Horse Safaris, all meals are included. Lunch is typically set up en route during a riding break and Dinner is usually al fresco under a glittering canopy of stars


As you traverse flat sandy river beds, some sand dunes and age-old granite mountains, you can see many ancient temples, unspoiled rural villages and meet local tribes, whose way of life goes back centuries. Along the way experience the rich abundance of wildlife this region has to offer – Blackbuck antelope, Porcupine, Demoiselle cranes, hyena, and occasionally a shy leopard. As you head out of Bijaipur town, trot along farmlands of mustard and fenugreek. Curious villagers wave at you as they see the passing entourage.

Bijaipur is within easy driving distance of a number of other exceptional properties in Rajasthan such as Shahpura Bagh, Bhainsrorgarh, RAAS Devigarh and Chanoudgarh.

Perfect for
those looking to explore the hidden nooks of India. Prior riding experience is needed especially for the longer itineraries.

Operational status

Bijaipur Horse Safaris does not operate from April to September.

Why we love this place

Bijaipur Horse Safaris curate off the beaten track expeditions on horseback in the hinterland of the South Western Region. It is an experience of a lifetime as you befriend Mewari horses, explore small villages, wilderness and desert landscape allowing an immersion into the culture of the region.

About your host

Owner Oliver Saurabh Sinclair, a photographer by profession, grew up in the area and has been fascinated by horses since he first started riding as a young child. Along with cousin Pradyuman Singh, they set up Bijaipur Horse Safaris to offer clients a unique insight into their home.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable, Responsible Tourism is at the core of the operations at Bijiapur Horse Safaris. Although they have their own stable of 15 horses, Oliver and Pradyuman lease horses from local owners for the safaris, so that profits go back to the community. The horses are regularly checked and the owners receive regular training not only in how to take care of these sweet animals but also in the many facets of riding. Each riding programme is highly customised and is put together following extensive consultation with clients, based on the ability and fitness of the riders. Tuition is available for those who need it.

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Explore the landscape and the stars at night at the unique locations where camps are set up.

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