Blue Book at Gethia

Blue Book at Gethia


, Uttarakhand
, India

With an efficient model of inclusive growth and exclusive experiences, Blue Book has a new perspectiveon luxury – sustainable, transformative, hassle free and memorable. Following up on Ibn Battuta’s philosophy, a vacation at Blue Book will leave you speechless, then turn you into a storyteller.

A 130-year-old colonial structure overlooking the gorgeous Jeolikote valley, it was built by Madame Durell – a British lady who chose to settle in this hamlet for life. Each of the 12 rooms, looking out to a distinct view, feel like new canvases with new tales to be told. The choicest of global cuisines, the rarest of birds, the richest of greens, the brisk little walks amidst the feather white clouds, the boundless starry nights, it’s a spectacular life of 1890s with the comforts of this era. A common destination but an exclusive destiny.

Our Rating: Premium
Property Type: Boutique


One of the twisting roads which take travellers from Delhi to Nainital winds at a small hamlet called Gethia. One of Nainital’s 1500 odd villages, it is a 16 kms drive away from the revered lake that names the beautiful city. This hamlet was once a national treasure for its famous sanatorium. Science proves that the fresh hilly breeze, the priceless green and the wrapping clouds make it an ideal place to heal, all at 1550m MSL. The adventurous souls, like the locals, trek the quick 3 kms to Nainital from its manageable terrains. But the clouds have permanently chosen it as their resting place. With a beautiful sunrise over the hills and a mesmerising night sky above where the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn often appear in their splendour together, Gethia is the place which makes one feel lively, peaceful, and beautiful.


Blue Book at Gethia has two wings with a total of 12 rooms. The old wing with eight chapters is a time travel to 1890s right with the first step in. The new wing has 4 chapters to it and is a modern, late 20th century western style of architecture. Apart from these, the 4-acre estate has open spaces as well as appropriate privacy for every guest.


The palette of taste at Gethia, as one would imagine, is for the well-travelled yet belongs exclusively to its cloudy hills. The choice of ingredients, the fresh greens, and fruits, it is crafted to make your gut and soul feel nourished. With our 5 chefs serving Indian, Continental, Asian, authentic Kumaoni and other global cuisines, every meal is 3-course followed by a delicious dessert, a showstopper, from our in-house bakery. There are eight different spots at the estate, both indoor and outdoor, where the guests enjoy their meals curated according to their preferences.


The stay at Blue Book Gethia is an experience in itself, a portal of great escape between nature around and life on ground. Hence, there is something for everyone who seeks. For those who seek more than the extra-ordinary, here are the rare stories people love at Gethia :

1. A scenic trek of 3-kms followed by a picnic setup in the jungle.

2. Early morning birdwatching at Pangot followed by authentic Kumaoni Food at Muskotia Farm (20-acre farm with a farm to table concept).

3. Golfing at the Raj Bhavan Golf Course. It is a golf course between clouds, one of the most scenic places in the region. A paradise for golfers.

4. Visit to Kainchi Dham Baba Neeb Karori Ashram – the very sacred temple at Kainchi Dham which has devotees coming all the way from even the United States (Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs to name a few).

5. Visit to Jageshwar Dham at Aartola, Jageshwar Valley.

6. Visit to Garur Tal or Kayaking at Sattal followed by an authentic Kumaoni meal at KFC – Kumaoni Farm Cafe.

Great For:

Bird-watchers, wildlife enthusiasts, golfers, star gazers, hikers, firefly catchers, Blue Book at Gethia rewards a couple, family or a group of friends alike. A great place for celebrations, we make your special occasions magical with our all inclusive buy out deals.

Why we love this place

In the yesteryears of the Western globe, there used to be a ritual of having socially eminent dignitaries mentioned in a list. The collective was called the Blue Book. Since then, the world has progressed to include more perspectives as well as personalities. Discoveries have replaced stories; explorations have restored tales. Hence, the new kind travels. They reach for the depths of the earth and fly to the highs of the blue. They wander the widths of the wild and script a life of their choice. Bold, brave, beautiful, and brilliantly boundless. For all those who yearn for the exclusive – a rare place, a rare view, a rare moment, and a rare taste, we bring them a spread of rare experiences. Ecstatic and enchanting.

About your host

An ardent traveler and now a hotelier, Shrey has been keen about hospitality from his growing up days. A curious mind, he brings about a freshness to the approach of this business with disruptive ideas and honest solutions. An 8th-generation Delhiite and a true Modernite, he graduated with Economics and Finance as majors in 2019. Right from scouting properties to curating itineraries for every guest, it has been a personal journey of exploration and bettering expectations. As he begins his story with Blue Book at Gethia, bringing back a 130-year-old property to life, he believes in one fact the most, no matter what we do, it’s worth is to be found in mere 3 words from our guest – ‘a memorable experience’. Leaving behind the busy city life, Shrey is now on the property full time and acts as host to every guest, making their vacation truly unique by adding a personal touch to every stay.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Blue Book is an idea driven by ‘inclusive growth, exclusive experiences’ at its core. Having opened its doors in 2022, the hotel has plans to adopt and better the sustainable practices.

No Single Use Plastic: The estate strives to keep free of any single use plastic.

Safe Garbage Disposal: Waste is segregated and biodegradable waste is converted in to manure for the kitchen garden.

Water Conservation: Water is used sparingly and guests are encouraged to do the same. During summers, the hotel shares their water with the village.

Local Community Engagement: Most of the staff belong to the nearby villages.

Heritage Preservation: The 130-year-old home has been restored with care.

Human Touch: More than half of the team are women from the Gethia village.

Our Recommendation

Candle-light dinner at Land's End, surrounded by clouds and accompanied by fireflies, is magical and a must do.

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