Chandelao Garh

Chandelao Garh

, Rajasthan
, India

Chandelao Garh sits 40 km from bustling city of Jodhpur, and offers a glimpse of royal rural life. It is the ancestral home of the landowners of the area, and has been tastefully converted to a heritage hotel offering an authentic experience of traditional Rajasthani hospitality in a tranquil village setting.

Well-kept hotel grounds are filled with flowers and the sounds of peacocks and parakeets. Enjoy an evening on the terrace, and marvel at the starry desert sky at night.

A stroll round the village will bring you face to face with the sights and sounds of rural India – local craftspeople ply their trade, animals graze, women in colourful dress fetch water from the wells and lakes, children play in the street and everyone welcomes visitors with a friendly greeting.

Our Rating: Premium
Property Type: Heritage


The village and Garh of Chandelao have long played a part in the history of Rajasthan and the Kingdom of Marwar. This area of Rajasthan is renowned for its fiercely independent people, its colorful clothing, its handicrafts and its traditional way of life.

Chandelao is a village of about 2,000 people, and like most villages in Rajasthan, the majority of the people are involved in agriculture. Many of the houses are still constructed of the traditional mud bricks, with a weatherproof coating of cow manure, painted white, red or blue. In some spots, newer houses constructed of beautiful red Jodhpur sandstone are being built.


Rooms are tastefully decorated with period furniture, while providing 21st century comfort.


The kitchen presents the flavours of traditional Rajasthani cuisine in impeccable style using local produce and spices.


There are many activities to occupy your time while you are visiting Chandelao Garh. Chandelao is a typical Rajasthani village, with about 2,000 inhabitants, surrounded by fields and pastures. The hotel can assist you by organizing walks, jeep trips, camel and horse rides, or you can strike out on your own.

The village is a typical Western Rajasthan village caught in a time capsule. Walk through this village to get a first hand impression of rural India, guided by one of our able staff, or set off on your own and explore the village, its lakes and lanes and its surrounding countryside. There is much to see and to learn, and it is hard to get lost. Most country paths radiate outwards from Chandelao, and the Garh and its neighbouring temple are easy to spot from miles around. Local children will be happy to assist in your explorations.

Chandelao is home to a crafts development and uplift effort called Sunder Rang. The centre is located just outside the gates of the Garh. Visit this centre to learn more about the arts and crafts of Chandelao.

About your host

Chandelao Garh was the seat of the Chandelao Thikana – an estate in the kingdom of Jodhpur. At its peak, Chandelao Thikana covered five villages. From the garh – or “kot” in the local language – the affairs of the estate were administered.

Chandelao Garh was built in 1744. The revenue for the family came from the land it ruled. In 1952, five years after India’s Independence, this feudal system was abolished. Land reforms were passed, and most of the land was allotted to the tenants. Further reforms in 1972 abolished feudal titles and redistributed most of the remaining land.

The central building of Chandelao Garh is the oldest and was built in 1744. This is the “raola”, or the main living quarters. At that time the central building was surrounded by mud walls for protection. Later Thakurs added various elements of construction to the Garh, including the current high stone walls which were constructed in the early 19th century.

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