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Chanoud Garh

Chanoud Garh

, Rajasthan
, India

Just a few years into its operation as a family run, heritage homestay with all of ten suites in operation, Chanoud Garh is poised nearly equidistant between Jodhpur and Udaipur and offers many insights. Meticulously organized suites with a high sense of detail, comfort and aesthetics, each unique in its design, make-up and distribution, Chanoud Garh definitely warrants two nights or more.

Our Rating: Premium
Property Type: Heritage


Despite Rajasthan’s immense popularity, there are still many small palaces, forts and stately homes off the beaten track. Chanoud Garh is one of them. Spread over an area of over 200,000 square feet, the architecture of this 300-year old palace exhibits a mix of three different schools of architecture – Mewar, Marwar and British.

Very personal and uniquely curated, Chanoud Garh has a high level of interaction with the family belonging to the legendary Mertia Rajputs. Just a few years as a family run, heritage homestay with tensuites, Chanoud Garh is ideally placed between Jodhpur and Udaipur. Often clubbed with Jaipur, RAAS Chhatrasagar, Shahpura Bagh, RAAS Devigarh, Rohet and Jodhpur, Chanoud Garh is a highly personal experience which the family curates according to specific interests of guests.


Ten large suites have been renovated with great detail, an eye for colour and a concern for quality yet retaining some of the essential features that is so much a part of Rajasthan. That each suite is different, high and spacious, uses a unique colour tone yet subtle and complete is reflective of the lengths of the research and detail that owners have put into setting up Chanoud Garh. All suites are air-conditioned with twin or double beds, decorated with interesting objets d’art from their private collection, a tea-coffee station and generously proportioned ensuite bathrooms, some suites lead into private balconies while all of them have immense lounge spaces within the suite.

All the suites are set along the courtyard, spread on three floors including the ground floor. Each suite is different from the other as is obvious with most heritage forts, generously proportioned to give every suite the detail that it deserves. There is one suite that is particularly interesting that is the Bhurj suite fashioned from one of the turrets, fun for children and romantic for a couple – the circular suite, sit out and dark stairwell giving it a sense of mystery.


Food is a serious business and hence every meal is an occasion at Chanoud Garh as they bring to your table menus held with the family for generations and still planned and prepared under the careful supervision of the women of the family. Even if you have travelled many times in Rajasthan, you will be surprised at the variety of the menu and the unique treatment of some of the tried and tested dishes. There are several dining areas in Chanoud Garh, one of the main areas being Moti Mahal which is large and air-conditioned and perfect for lunch times especially when the sun is up. Dinner options range from the Jenana Chowk to al-fresco dining on the old terrace. It is important to mention that a session to learn some of the signature dishes of Chanoud Garh is an intense affair with a dedicated area with pre-arranged cooking stations to involve you and sitting to ensure you can make the best of the experience.


Intensely engaging, the living home of the current Thakur Ajeet Singhji and his family, Chanoud Garh is one of the most prominent Jagirs of the legendary Mertia Rajputs. A stay here is to relive the history and architecture of the region as you explore the lovingly restored sections of the palace and acquaint yourself with the land and its people through interesting village walks and excursions. A particularly heady drive is to the expansive salt pans at sunset to relive its relevance in the ecosystem of the region.

Activities in Chanoud Garh are personally drawn and scheduled depending on your arrival and time here and personally executed by either Jairaj or Mahiraj. A drive out to the salt pans for some spectacular sun set followed by tea, drive to see the villages around – stark yet insightful about how village life is intrinsically linked with the outdoors, walk through the village of Chanoud, stopping by to see village industries, crafts and school are some of the signature activities. Festival times are memorable as the family includes you in the festivities.

Perfect For

A quiet getaway to explore rural Rajasthan while staying in a fort restored as a boutique hotel. Ideal for travellers who love Indian cuisine and its variations, also history buffs and architects. The fort has rooms on second and third levels, dining is a few flights up though it can be arranged in the veranda or the courtyard, on request. The absence of lift will be a challenge for those who have limited mobility. Young children will enjoy the birding expeditions or a visit to the village school which is looked after the Chanoud Garh family. Those who love to sketch will find a lot of inspiration in and outside the fort.

Closed during May and June for the summers.

Why we love this place

Chanoud Garh has a personal touch and engagement with every client with unique offerings that highlight the community and destination in a special way. Above all preserving their heritage as architecture, cuisine and crafts to share it passionately with their guests.

About your host

The highlight of your stay undeniably will be the personal attention of the family lead by Swati, Mahiraj, Jairaj and Anchal. All four siblings have moved back to their ancestral home giving up their corporate careers to weave the Chanoud Garh experience. It is indeed endearing to see their dedication and pride with which they recount the living tales of their ancestral land and its people. Brothers, Jairaj and Mahiraj, their sister and father manage guest experiences and curations while their mother supervises the kitchen to ensure that every meal is a treat. Jairaj, an advertising professional lived in Mumbai for many years before leaving it all behind as he wanted to revive his ancestral home. Mahiraj is a civil engineer joined his brother and father as they turned around a crumbling fort to its former glory. It is a worth listening to as they take you around the restoration walk with pride.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

A small key destination hotel, Chanoud Garh is run with a team from that is mostly from the local villages and a few from the surrounding towns as well. Preserving the fort and some of its architectural features to keep its authenticity intact is a labour of love and a personal mission for the family while ensuring that some of the traditions continue like the Holi festival where the village people join them in their celebrations. Curated explorations are largely on foot to explore the village around for a glimpse of rural life. A jeep safari to the salt pans is recommended to understand the semi-arid ecosystem.

Our Recommendation

Holi in ChanoudGarh is a community affair and guests are welcome to participate.

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