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Deo Bagh’s historical credentials are impeccable, with two 17th-18th century Maratha temples, two splendid cenotaphs and a pavilion with 36 arched gateways all within the property, making Deo Bagh a really unique heritage hotel.

In the late 1500AD important Mughals camped in this “char bagh” with a stunning chhattis-dari (36-pillared pavilion) at its heart. This shielded the women in its underground chamber during the summer as it had a moat of water on all four sides. Later, as the conquering Maratha army marched towards Delhi, the Jadhavs took possession of this natural water catchment area. Sardar Deorao Bhausaheb Jadhav and his son Sardar Krishnarao Deorao Jadhav used this ‘bagh’ as a summer house with the ladies’ section in Deo Bagh and the mens’ section in Jai Vihar, the family’s current home.

The garden complex houses the most exquisite family temples, a ‘hathi khana’ for elephants, stables and cenotaphs. Important Gwalior State meetings, especially against the British – when the valiant Rani of Jhansi fought from the fort rampart close by, were held here during that time.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Heritage


Deo Bagh has 15 rooms spread across 5 wings facing the Nau Bagh. There are 3 suites and 12 rooms. These have been named after the historical connections of the Jadhav family of Gwalior.


North Indian cuisine with a few Continental dishes and some authentic Maratha dishes on demand to suit a range of tastes and palates.

The ground floor dining room serving all meals is located in the 17th century Zenana wing.

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