Foggy Knolls

Foggy Knolls

, Kerala
, India

A superb location, set on the higher slopes of the Western Ghats and perched on a knoll. Trails of mist and packs of low clouds pass by, floating down to the bowl of a valley. A lake and a panorama of lush, forested mountain slopes undulating to the horizon are memorable brush strokes of nature, and they’re all yours, alone.

A scenic drive up and along the Western Ghats mountains, past stretches of slopes carpeted with tea and spice plantations brings you to Vagamon, a quaint plantation town. A rutted pathway turns uphill before town, winding to the crest of a knoll.

Our Rating: Mid-Range
Property Type: Wildlife/Nature Lodge


A unique aspect of Foggy Knolls are the resort’s ‘Cave Rooms’. Perched on the edge of a slope, before it descends to a valley, and carved into a massive boulder, the ‘Cave Rooms’ are a network of grottos that function as a complement of luxury accommodations equipped with an extensive range of contemporary amenities. The caves are lit with strategically placed spotlights that create an aura of luxury and intrigue.

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