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Hotel Druk Thimpu

Hotel Druk Thimpu

, Bhutan

Hotel Druk is a contemporary heritage destination that’s built on the lines of both the old and the new. Featuring stunning Bhutanese architecture, Druk is modelled on the lines of the traditional Dzongs and palaces of old. Druk’s architecture reflects throughout the entire resort; each and every room is tastefully designed to be a reflection of this mystical land. Each floor has been designed after the elements that make up Bhutan: Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

Our Rating: Premium
Property Type: City


Have you ever wondered what true happiness feels like? The land of the Thunder Dragon might just have the answers for you. Experience crystal clear waters, true hospitality and unmatched cuisine in the towering mountain range that harbours Bhutan. A land that’s charming, enigmatic, vivid. And then some. The only country that measures happiness on a quantitative level that also has a carbon-negative footprint.


Druk Hotel hosts a series of expansive luxury rooms across five categories. Each room is built on a sustainable model with eco-friendly materials like clay and non-toxic finishings. The marble bathrooms in each accommodation are among the largest in Thimphu and offer luxuries such as a deep soak bathtub and separate glass-enclosed showers.

The Valley View rooms offer spacious accommodations that overlook the blissful valley of Thimphu. The Gold Suite, Red Suite and Grey Suite are designed keeping traditional Bhutanese aesthetic and modern design trends in mind.


Every meal in Bhutan is a gastronomical delight. From the ever-famed Ema Datshi to the succulent Phaksha Paa to steaming baskets of momos, every meal at Druk is an adventure waiting to be experienced at The 7th, our bespoke fine dining restaurant. Alongside Bhutanese cuisine, our chef also serves up authentic Indian, Thai and Continental fare.

Druk Thimphu is now home to Hi Jinks, a chic bar that serves up the finest alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with the backdrop of a traditional watering hole. It is also home to Cafe 7’0 Clock, a cosy refuge for the weary traveller. All food prepared at the Druk makes use of organic produce and healthy, trans-fat free vegetable oil.


Bhutan has something for people from all walks of life. Hotel Druk is located in the heart of Thimphu, the capital of the grand Bhutanese spectacle. Convenient access to all major destinations within Bhutan is very much a possibility when you stay at the Druk. Summit the famed Taktsang, a mere hour’s drive from Druk. Admire the intricacies of the National Memorial Chorten, or gaze upon the wilderness at Dobji Dzong.

The Motithang Takin Preserve is also a short drive away from Druk and offers an excellent insight into one of Bhutan’s national animals amidst acres and acres of pristine pine forest. For those that want to spend some time enriching their mind and senses, Druk is host to Lha Yhul, a wellness spa that has experience in dealing with both Indian and international spa therapies and Ayurveda therapies.

Perfect For
those that seek a contemporary heritage destination while on an expedition to find happiness the Bhutan way. Hotel Druk is conveniently located at the heart of Thimpu with easy access for everyone with a reasonable fitness level. Bhutan itself is suitable for people with both a sedentary lifestyle and an active lifestyle.

Why we love this place

Druk is a perfect blend of everything a heritage hotel represents: Bespoke luxury rooms interwoven with a story and feeling of Bhutanese culture that is invoked from the moment you step into this property.

About your host

Druk Thimphu was founded by the late Dasho Ugen Dorji in 1959 with the vision of showcasing the best of Bhutan on his land. The venerable Dorji then passed the baton on to his three sons who currently oversee operations and hospitality at Druk while concurrently innovating in the space.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Given Bhutan’s standing as being carbon negative and their unique way of assessing development in terms of happiness quotient, this gentle and mindful attitude is seen in all people. And Hotel Druk is no exception. An emphasis on the community and showcasing the destination for what it is makes your stay at Druk authentic. This attitude further is seen in the elements such as ensuring toxic free paint used for the rooms and ensuring organic ingredients are sourced for their meals. The hotel is a blend of traditional architecture, elegant decor and modern elements.

Our Recommendation

Early winters are when Bhutan truly comes alive. The land gets blanketed in a friendly chill and the migratory birds will have arrived from other lands, making this an opportune time to visit Bhutan. Bhutan is a no-plastic zone throughout the entire country, so do pack essentials and clothing accordingly. Usage of tobacco is also not allowed within Bhutan.

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