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Nadis Hotel

Nadis Hotel

Dachigam National Park
, Jammu & Kashmir
, India

Situated in a sparsely populated residential area in plain sight of the ancient Chinars of Harwan, Nadis makes its presence felt once you enter the massive iron gates. It’s an estate cleverly made with a clear built area that occupies half of the estate and the other half is left for a fledgling garden. For the rushed eye Nadis appears as a neatly stacked three tiered building which is as orderly inside. A shaded porch leads you into a brief anteroom ideal during snow and rain. And a large room that functions as an informal lounge with floor heating by a maze of water pipes and reception area where you are greeted with a cup of heart-warming Kahwa, the famous flavourful Kashmiri tea.

Once you have a chance to look around the lounge you take in the large floor to ceiling window, a deviation from the original architecture of residences which stress on smaller windows for better insulation. An eclectic mix of old and new, colours meet your eyes even if you give the lounge a cursory glance. A fireplace defines the lounging corner while a long table with benches on either side looks perfect for work or for a bunch of friends to sit around bantering over many cups of tea.

Our Rating: Premium
Property Type: Boutique


If you are lucky or had the foresight to book yourself a window seat, soon after your captain announces descent and Srinagar comes into sight, you can’t but awe at the beautiful sight below. It was November and the Chinars were a kaleidoscope of colours between flaming orange and a deep red. It is only when you get out of the airport and begin your drive towards the Dal Lake that you see the heightened security as the army hold positions at various check points. It’s a comfort and an irritant especially if you are leaning out and want to take a picture of a beautiful building with a full grown Chinar out front. You traverse the city of Srinagar, a large portion of the drive along the Dal Lake – silent and tranquil with colourful house boats lined up at the edges just like it looked in hundreds of pictures, and finally to get to Harwan Gardens, towards the outskirts of the city.


The rooms are quaint and very comfortable, uncluttered and single toned usually the colour of the wood of the floor, sparse furniture and the intricately designed tradition of the Khatamband ceiling. The dash of colour is the wall which are usually one of the four colours: Pink, Grey, inspired Blue or Green. Heating or Cooling as necessary is centrally generated and distributed. There are a couple of straight back chairs, a work table and a foldable service table that is hidden away. A cupboard at the entrance is followed by the tea/coffee station and a luggage rack. The queen sized double bed is set away from the large windows that have views of the tall Chinars of Harwan in the front and residences at the back. Ensuite single vanity bathrooms with a glass enclosed shower area complete the guest comforts.


Kashmiri cuisine complete with Khameeri bread, homemade preserves of strawberry and quiche for breakfast to a scrumptious of homemade paneer, the quick-to-make kale and morel tossed in a mild sauce with dried mint – the cuisine at Nadis is Yaser’s family recipes his mother taught the young cook who was one of the team that built the hotel. The garden offers al fresco opportunities in fair weather while the warm dining room that has underground heating for the floor tiles is enclosed in glass on two sides, so that every table has a view in the front and sideways.

Kashmiri Kahwa: At Nadis you are plied with endless cups of Kahwa very welcome in November and also at the end of a meal or to relax you or charge you after a hectic activity. Kahwa is an exotic mix of Kashmiri green tea leaves, whole spices, almonds and saffron, which was traditionally prepared in a brass kettle known as samovar. The samovar has a central cavity where hot coal is placed while the surrounding space is reserved for boiling the water and other ingredients for the tea. Not only a beverage to energise you, Kahwa is supposed to be a good remedy for cold, stomach disorders or even to relieve stress. Kashmiris do not have a tradition of sweets, however Kahwa is also served at the end of a meal during weddings and festivities.


There are two kinds of experiences that can be explored through Nadis. Those that are uniquely curated include guided hikes and treks to some of the well-known and not so well-known sites like the Nara Nag, Great Lakes trek and several others checked out by Yaser himself. Cuisine and textile explorations are also designed for guests depending upon interest. Yaser also aims to organise book readings, music soiree, textile and craft programs on a regular basis to allow guests to engage with some of the best talent in the valley.

Other must dos are guided visits into Dachigam National Park and ubiquitous shikara ride on the languid Dal Lake surrounded by the mountains, this of course is a signature experience of Srinagar. For the nature lover, the city is an absolute delight: Mughal Gardens embellished with the most fragrant of flowers – roses, lotuses, tulips, irises, wisteria and pansies, fountains and cascading water features. Srinagar is also a paradise for birders what with warblers, kingfishers, numerous migratory ducks and nightingales. Pine, Birch, Deodar and Cedar trees are seen all around the city, but perhaps the most popular is Chinar that grows along the shores of lakes, the tops of which are known to have inspired the paisley design of Kashmiri shawls.

A visit to the bazaars is a rewarding experience. For the food enthusiasts there is an array of fragrant spices and nuts, especially saffron, apricots and walnuts. Crafts like the colourfully painted papier mâche; and carved walnut wood are very popular. For textile lovers, there are exquisite shawls, tunics embellished with beautiful Kashmiri embroidery, head gear and woollen clothes. Kashmir is known for its carpets and an authentic, handmade one is a priceless addition to any space.

Perfect For

A family getaway, a meeting place for friends, a starting place to explore Kashmir, a base for some of the best treks around Srinagar. A great place to celebrate an occasion with a small group of friends and family, Nadis is also ideal for those who are keen to explore the textile traditions and cuisine of Kashmir. The garden space is wonderful for energetic young ones to run around and chase sparrows, also the proximity to the Harwan gardens allows space for frolic and fun with children and also for people who are keen runners and walkers.

Why we love this place

Nadis is unusual, youthful and traditional all at once. Its design talks to you, everything from the warm welcoming lounge to the sparce cosy rooms reflecting the owner’s style and his understanding of light and colour. The simple façade of Nadis conceals pipes that collect rain water and snow melt while composting and growing some of his own organic produce are a part of the larger plan.

About your host

Yaser Shaw, Nadis’ owner admits to having designed the place all by himself taking cues from friends and his many travels around the world. Yaser believes that Nadis, meaning ‘channels through which energy flows’ will connect people with nature, a culture of harmony and maybe with themselves too. The walls of the open lounge, stairwell and the corridors that lead into the guest rooms are adorned with his black and white photos – mostly stunning closeups of local people as they go about their daily chores. A photographer, avid trekker and textile designer Yaser has a business of designing rugs, shawls and papier mâche; products which he exports to many countries. A conscious decision to return home to Srinagar, his vision for Nadis is to bring alive some of the traditional practices in design, cuisine and hospitality to eternal life through the hotel. The Kahwa on arrival, old hand made tiles for floors, the garden which is the pride of every Kashmiri home, craft as you can see in some of the intricately carved furniture that offsets the modern chic designs of the benches, chairs, tables and couches are the steps toward that vision.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Cling wraps are replaced with fabric scraps, plastic bags are replaced with cloth bags, and bamboo straws are used.
Energy is conserved by using large sun-facing windows; underground pipes ferry water from the boiler that doubles up as floor heaters.
Rainwater is harvested and used for garden upkeep.
Most of the produce served is either grown in the organic vegetable patch or locally sourced.
All staff at the property are from the local community. They are trained in hospitality by Yaser himself.
Being a textile designer, Yaser works with local weavers and artisans, reflecting Kashmiri heritage, and the guests can get an insight into the local textile industry.
The wet waste from the property is recycled into manure for the plants in the garden.
The floor tiles at the property are handmade by local artisans, while the ceiling has been made using the traditional Khatamband technique of interlocking mosaic pieces of wood.

Our Recommendation

Plan to stay longer and explore several day treks all curated by Yaser, an avid trekker himself.

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