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Narendra Bhawan

Narendra Bhawan

, Rajasthan
, India

Narendra Bhawan is a charming, old world destination, built to perfection under the guidance and vision of His Highness Narendra Singhji. The sprawling palatial residence of Singhji is nestled at the epicentre of Bikaner and stands out as an exemplary example of the architecture of the Rajputs. The interiors of the Bhawan are encompassed in styles from both Bombay’s art movement and the early days of Broadway, making it a perfect amalgamation of cultures from across history. From the moment you walk in, you’ll find elements blending in with each other subtly. Portuguese tiles merge with Tribal artworks from across the country. Sprawling courtyards with fruiting trees and easy dining spaces create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Boutique


In the heart of Rajasthan lies one of its greatest citadels. Bikaner is a land that’s ubiquitous with heritage and the allure of the exotic. This sprawling city’s many by lanes and bazaars are the gateways to innumerable treasures of every sense. Its fortresses tell tales of tumultuous times, and its Havelis belay the opulence of the Rajputs. Bikaner is Rajasthan in a postcard, and then some.


The accommodations at Narendra Bhawan reflect his highness’ patriotism and pride for his motherland; each room is designed to be unique and a reflection of Indian heritage. The residence rooms are a display of the eclectic taste of Singhji and feature both colonial and Bikaneri elements. The princely rooms are a reflection of the young maharaja’s growing days and feature more western influences in spacious settings. The regimental rooms showcase his highness’ military life with their rich colour palettes and a sense of comfort from the moment you step into the rooms. And the Bhawan’s Indian rooms exude a sense of India from its rural and pastoral backgrounds. And for those that seek a touch above the rest, the Republic Suite is tastefully designed by architects, reflecting a sense of architectural and design prowess.


Narendra Bhawan’s dining experience is one that words can scarcely describe. In accordance with the various musings of the late Maharaja, there are various dining spaces throughout the entire Bhawan, reflecting different cuisines. The Gaushala at the front of the Bhawan was one of the Maharaja’s favourite spaces owing to his ever-long compassion for animals. Immerse yourself in cultural performances from the best of Rajasthan’s artists while you sip on a cocktail and savour fine Marwari cuisine.

The place is a reflection of the standards of the graceful lady of the house and her love for pearls and chiffon. Meticulously planned menus cater to all palettes with its vivid and various cuisines. Narendra Bhawan is also home to the Mad Hatter, a whimsical bakery.


For those that want to venture into the annals of Bikaner, there is no better experience than Narendra Bhawan’s Exploration activities. Walk on the same paths as the traders of Bikaner were wont to do, and discover the secrets of Bikaner’s palaces on a royal exploration.

After a long day’s exploration, there’s nothing like a sundowner session with a few delectable beverages and some fine Afghan and Mughalai fare from the tandoor to go with it. And to truly immerse yourself into the era of the Rajputs, dinner in the museum room will complete the experience.

Perfect For

Narendra Bhawan is ideal for anyone looking to escape to a boutique, historical destination in the heart of Bikaner, a town drowning in heritage and culture. Narendra Bhawan and indeed Bikaner are easy to commute around for anyone with moderate fitness levels. The city is mostly flat and can be accessed throughout by most consumer vehicles. Bikaner’s bylanes and bazaars offer innumerable exploration opportunities for those that want to step out and explore! The exotic history and heritage of Narendra Bhawan make it the ideal destination for those that wish to immerse themselves in some learning.

Why we love this place

Narendra Bhawan is the perfect example of a heritage destination that serves as a portal into an era of palatial luxury and heritage. Narendra Bhawan’s impeccable hospitality, design and amenities make for the perfect heritage getaway.

About your host

His Highness Narendra Singhji was one of Bikaner’s stalwarts and the last reigning Maharaja of Bikaner. A lover of the fine things, his highness was a man of solitude and preferred to keep to his books and his cars as opposed to going out onto the city. But he had an expansive vision for Bikaner and remained a champion for his people until his last days. After his passing, the MRS Group saw the potential for Narendra Bhawan to become a window to the lives of the Rajputs and decided to take over operations of the Bhawan. Today, MRS Group manages Narendra Bhawan with zeal and in the true fashion of Rajasthani hospitality.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

The MRS Group believe that sustainability is being in absolute harmony with the overarching social and physical environment that one is a part of. There is a strong understanding that as a hotel, a deep relationship with the community is essential in all aspects – be it food, design, service or engagement. The group works with diverse groups to combine heritage, human potential and technology and have focussed on cultural and ecological conservation, strengthening tourism ecosystems, and community empowerment through education, entrepreneurship, and equality. This is done without sacrificing the collective’s cultural identity or the natural environment.

Narendra Bhawan is a landscape of memories that retells the story of the last Maharaja of Bikaner. The MRS group has carefully preserved this in both the tangible and intangible aspects and narrates the story with ease.

Our Recommendation

Rajasthan gets hot during the summers, so October to January is the best time to visit Bikaner. The best way to get the true Rajasthan experience is to immerse yourself in Narendra Bhawan's hospitality and exploration activities.

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