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Purity by Malabar Escapes

Purity by Malabar Escapes

, Kerala
, India

Purity is part of the Malabar Escapes chain of hotels, a clutch of small boutique hotels with ‘art’ and authentic Kerala experience at their core. As with all Malabar Escapes boutique hotels, there is great stress on the quality of service and innovation with their cuisine offerings. The central courtyard that is the crux of property, is the breakfast area and leads towards the rooms and suites, and out to the lake. The rooms and suites at Purity afford lightness and intrigue, at once making for pleasing and comfortable spaces. Towards the lake, Purity stands away to allow a wide tropical garden, a ‘Nandi’ gazes contentedly at the lake, and around are trees that frame an open columned pavilion perfect to exchange wedding vows or to stage a performance of music or dance. Further along closer to the lakeside is a setting perfect for dining under the stars. A swimming pool almost close to the lake’s edge creates an illusion of being afloat in the lake.

The art principle unique to Malabar Escapes is evident in the way the resort is designed with clean arches, colour, columns, antiques, furniture, windows and doorways. Purity is a curious mixture of an old bungalow with an annex attached with reverence to the original style. Windows, columns, and doorways add interesting details while a dash of colour here and there sets the mood that highlights the use of the space.

Our Rating: Mid-Range
Property Type: Boutique


Head further south from Cochin towards Vembanad, the second-largest freshwater lake in India, an unending vista of water is your view from the tranquil spaces of Purity – a backwater retreat. Many other statistics have been attached to the Vembanad experience – longest lake in India, largest lake in Kerala, second largest Ramsar site in India and more. For the traveller, what matters is that it is a languid sprawl of glistening water, edged by lush greenery and home to a number of species of birds. Just the kind of place in Kerala that slows your stride and helps you step away from the frenzy of the rest of the tourist trails.


Purity has 4 unique deluxe rooms, 6 Gardensuites including 3 wellness suites with a provision for a spa bed and 4 Vembanad suites, which are also ideal for families. These include 3 suites with a spa bed option, so you enjoy a relaxing massage, without having to step out of your room. All rooms have terraces & verandahs overlooking the highlight of the property – the Vembanad Lake. Unique art and decor accompanies each room, making them delightfully different from each other. Soothing browns and greens of the nature around seamlessly sync with a splash of bright colours in an artistic piece or the furnishings. Vintage furniture, curated and refurbished offers you a slice of Kerala in the smallest and nuanced way possible. For example, your bed’s head board could be fashioned out of a salvaged antique door.


Local cuisine is the beating heart of any travel experience and Purity does full justice to delighting your palate with exemplary flavours. You can also sign up for cooking demonstrations to carry home a slice of Kerala with recipes and techniques used. Distinct Kerala flavours offered with inventive dishes is art in itself. Outdoor dining under the stars is the best place to enjoy varied dishes. Continental food is also available at the hotel.


Purespa – Being in Kerala means that you are in the heart of traditional Ayurvedic practices. This, and modern techniques to rejuvenate are present in the in-house spa. You can choose from serious wellness programmes or shorter rejuvenating massages with the help of experts. We suggest if you are signing up for any curative treatments, then you should book for at least 14 days for authentic and adaptable programmes that have a long term effect.

If you are one for getting under the skin of a place then curated trips to understand the everyday customs, life and traditions is the best way to know Kerala. This could be sitting in for a prayer at a local temple, cruising in the backwaters, seeing village life at close quarters and more.

The curated sight-seeing includes lesser-known and well-footed temples and palaces around the property, with historical references put simply for you to understand the current Keralan vibe.

A slow paddle in the Vembanad lake in a local dingy boat might be stressful on the nerves initially, but only till you get immersed in the rhythm of ‘row and amble’ routine that your rower will be an expert at.

Perfect For
signing up for the subcontinental stride of the balmy state, illuminating history, art and truly authentic local experiences. Not to mention, the Ayurvedic and Yoga based treatments at the hand of experts.

Why we love this place

Traditional columns in traditional homes are used in the soul soothing swathes of green in the property. The building is reminiscent of an old mansion, which is privy to a million stories. The food and artistic corners delight the senses a million times in the day. Purity is truly, rare. The artistic vibe of Purity draws from the traditional and iconic Keralan craft as well as modern inspirations from around the world.

About your host

Purity is one the five intriguing properties that make quite the hospitality statements in Kerala and were created by Joerg and Txuku in 2003. ‘Art’ is intrinsic to all the Malabar experiences.. But Malabar Escapes side-steps an expected experience, to bring you art, design, food concepts, colour, culture, experiences and interesting people – all under one brand and each roof of all their hotels.

The rest of the properties are extensions of the same idea to create art and design spaces from where one can explore Kerala.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Responsible tourism is intrinsic to all Malabar Escapes experiences. This includes conserving heritage by being the custodian of Keralan art and giving it a voice along with contemporary additions. The staff at the hotel Is hired mostly from the local community. All ingredients in the food are sourced from around the property, or even growth in-house to present absolutely the freshest meals.

All rooms are provided with glass water bottles which are refilled every day with safe filtered drinking water; as a result the usage of plastic bottled water in rooms has stopped. Recycled paper straws and paper carry bags have replaced their plastic counterparts. Regular cleaning drives are conducted for the surrounding areas. Waste management is done in liaison with local governing bodies and in line with industrial standards. Water is recycled through aerobic sewage treatment programme, thereby reusing the water for gardening. Sensor taps are used to reduce the wastage of water and a solar powered water heater reduces electricity consumption along with energy saving lighting. Unobtrusive hospitality with warmth and a gentle touch is the most subtle, but important part of the experience.

Our Recommendation

Sitting at the edge of Vembanad lake, the second largest freshwater lake in India, the backwater retreat Purity offers many authentic experiences including Yoga and Ayurveda. The views and the holistic practices available are sure to make you feel blissed out.

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