A luxury camping experience set on a rain-fed reservoir

RAAS Chhatrasagar

RAAS Chhatrasagar

Chhatra Sagar
, Rajasthan
, India

The luxury camp is designed while keeping nature in mind. The airy, luxury (and air-conditioned) tents lie at the edge of the namesake dam, amidst a forested patch. But nature is not limited to the outside alone; the decor and furnishings inside are an ode to the fascinating wildlife around the dam. Modern comforts like a fully furnished tent with vintage furniture and an ensuite bathroom make the stay extremely comfortable. Thoughtfully curated unique furnishings and furniture in every corner of the camp synch with the nature-themed style.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Boutique


Welcome to RAAS Chhatrasagar, one of the first glamping experiences in Rajasthan built around simple luxuries – that of looking at the sunrise over the reservoir from the comfort of your bed, in beautifully handcrafted tents designed for generous views from every window, a starlight above your bed and ensuite bathrooms. See the pastoral lifestyles of rural communities increasingly becoming a rare sight, be with nature and all things wild and natural, relish a combination of home cooked signature dishes and world cuisine using locally sourced produce and what is seasonally grown and available. Wind down to a relaxing sunset and toast under inky winter skies, before calling it a night – still, peaceful and warmed by the genteel RAAS service.

RAAS Chhatrasagar welcomes weary world travellers – who come here to rest, enjoy the sunrise and sunsets, dine under the stars, seek birds and walks into rural Rajasthan in a way that is genuine and non-intrusive. RAAS Chhatrasagar today is a destination in itself – every service, facility and experience is dictated by nature left to flourish and the team who gracefully ensure that your stay is perfect in every way. All the work with the community and the land around has resulted in a camping experience that matches the camping lifestyles of the days of erstwhile royalty, upped to world stands by renovations instituted gently by RAAS. Upgrading to a larger, all season inventory of 16 tents, the aim was also to iron out the camping concept to make it easier for travellers by adding ramps and a lift to take you straight up to the level of the dam. Equipping the tents with air-conditioning, private entry accessed from a level down, a spa and a pool ensures RAAS is an all season retreat.


RAAS Chhatrasagar has a total of 16 luxury tents, which include 4 family tents and 2 twin tents that are best utilised by families. All tents are open all year and are comfortable even in the warm months, thanks to the air-conditioning and cool climes amidst the shaded forest. The tents overlook the lake in the East, and are front row seats to the natural panoramas on the other side enjoyed best from the private sit-outs. All tents are are spacious, well- furnished with furniture made to unwind and have well-appointed private facilities.


There is an all-day dining restaurant facing the great sprawl of Lake Chhatra Sagar in the front and the swimming pool on the other side. It serves local delicacies, Indian and International cuisine. Most of the vegetables are handpicked by the staff from the homegrown organic garden. The restaurant also has a bar that caters to a variety of drinks including herbal infused alcoholic & non-alcoholic cocktails. Special private dining experiences can be booked ahead.


The wellness spa and yoga at the property go hand in hand. Sign up for classes or choose a private space to practice, there are ample options. The spa offers a number of rejuvenating treatments. There is a swimming pool at the camp, which is usually dominated by travellers who are happy staying in the property rather than step out, even there are a number of well-curated excursions and activities arranged for.

Wildlife safaris and birdwatching are particularly popular with the nature loving guests. You can combine this with a bush lunch in the middle of the wilderness. Birding on the boat is extremely popular to get upclose and see the birds with another eye. Sundowners by the lake while watching the sun sink in is especially beautiful. Farm and village visits are organised to give travellers an authentic taste of rural life in Rajasthan.

Perfect For
unplugging from the city life to land in the heart of nature, without compromising comfort.

Why we love this place

This is truly a rare find – a luxury glamping experience by a dam, cocooned by nature.

About your host

RAAS Chhatrasagar took over from Chhatra Sagar which was set up in the year 2000 with just 6 tents on the dam overlooking the rain-fed reservoir, the idea was to continue the conservation ideology initiated by Harsh and his family, wedged as they were between an over-farmed landscape and heavily mined Aravallis. This was a land held in balance between the Seervi farmers and the Gujjars, the shepherd community – a strategic synergy which only helped the land the farmer harvested and nourished the livestock the Gujjars owned. It helped immensely to be off the main link road that connected Jaipur and Jodhpur, a perfect stop after four hours of driving on country roads to continue rested and refreshed to Jodhpur, just over two hours away. Brothers, Nikhilendra and Dhananjaya Singh have taken the baton and continue to run the camp, along with Raas Jodhpur and Devigarh, with the same warm hospitality.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

A sensitive address right by the lake makes the property even more responsible about the way they handle garbage disposal. Conservation of nature, involvement of the local community and authentic hospitality are the other hallmarks of the RAAS experience.

Our Recommendation

Have an authentic glamping experience in the heart of Rajasthan in the intimate luxury tented property. Keep 2-3 days at the boutique camp to slow your stride through Rajasthan.

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