A beautiful oasis of luxury and heritage

Shahpura Bagh

Shahpura Bagh

, Rajasthan
, India

Modern comforts, nature and the vintage home sit in harmony with each other. The white walled mansion with high ceilings, vintage furniture and history in every corner is surrounded by the various hues of green of neem and mango orchards, and a lake contributes to the atmosphere. What strikes one most about Shahpura Bagh is the space and light and a subtle style – sprawling rooms, gardens, wilderness and orchards and a pool area. Cocoon yourself in the white curtained personal seating area or enjoy the cool blue water under the caressing winter sun. With plenty of areas to lounge about, the stay seems personal and intimate. Meal times in the common dining area are lively with conversations and sharing notes about spotting birds, travels in Rajasthan and across the world. The restoration of the mansion has been done while keeping the old charm intact, and ensuring that all premium comforts and personal service are a part of every guests’ stay here.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Heritage


Located 220km from Jaipur, Shahpura is perfect for every itinerary that celebrates slow travel. The restored erstwhile royal home makes for an ideal setting to hit the brakes on a Rajasthan itinerary, and gives travellers time to live in the countryside with premium comforts. Easy access to Udaipur, Ranthambore and Jodhpur makes this a great stop to see authentic Rajasthan in the rural countryside.

The entire estate was granted by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to Rajadhiraj Sujjan Singh in 1630 AD for successful military campaigns against the Marathas and Afghans. Centuries later, the heirs to the estate are keeping the memory of their ancestors alive. And you can be a part of it. The two grand mansions – Nahar Niwas and Umed Niwas, are restored to their erstwhile grandeur but remain true to their boutique charm.


There are two mansions in the estate, Nahar Niwas and Umed Niwas, and a two-bedroom luxury villa that house the Royal Suites, Suites and Luxury Villa Suites. Nahar Niwas is also the family residence, which houses the private dining, lounge and bar. The residences are set in the center of the large gardens of the estate, the surrounding woods and the lakes on the banks of which Shahpura Bagh is situated. All of them are airconditioned and have generous spaces, furnished elegantly in warm tones of green, rust and brown. The ensuite bathrooms are delightfully large with modern fixtures and luxury amenities.


Alfresco dining is a popular option for breakfast and lunch. Dinners are often in front of Nahar Niwas after a quiet evening under the stars. The cuisine is signature, recreated from menus passed down over generations which family’s cook can showcase on request. Special requests made prior to check-in can be accommodated by the property. All the ingredients are sourced from the inhouse organic garden and local markets in Shahpura town that offer fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits.


A 40 acres estate with myriad trees and vegetation has interesting occupants that conjure up melodious ways to wake you up in the morning. A stroll is all you need to spot scores of bird species, especially in the winters. Else, the rest of day can be devoted to sheer laziness, to read a book or swim in the heated pool. For those who love to explore rural India, there are farm visits, interactions with phad (traditional religious painting of Rajasthan) artists, sunsets at Dhikola fort, tribal village safaris and photo-ops in Shahpura town.

The swimming pool at Shahpura Bagh is a great hit with sun-worshippers and even the harsh winter provides a warm respite to wash away the fatigue of travel. For celebrations book yourself a private meal for two, which will be organised at a secluded venue under the star-lit sky with a delectable menu of recipes over 100 years old. Birding on the property and by the lake reaps many awards in the form of previously unencountered species. Shahpura Bagh has initiated and is involved with many development and restoration projects like a local school, promoting projects such as education of the girl child. You can choose to visit schools and participate in any of the projects.

Guests can’t keep their fingers away from the shutter while walking through the Shahpura town. Esepcially in the evening when the market is alive with live snack and sweet counters, colourful daily waves set out in carts and markets teeming with activity.

The old fort of Dhikola was where the family originally ruled from and it forms a part of an evening drive and sunset point for tea and snacks on the fort ramparts – a treat for all shutterbugs. A high point from where you can look around for miles including the sight of the village winding down for the day, it is a picture to take back home to see cows come home from grazing. Shahpura has a wonderful connect with the ancient art of ‘Phad painting’. In fact, the Joshi family is probably the last family of artists who paint these life size canvases depicting the stories of mythology and folklore. A close tryst with these will be an inimitable experience.

Perfect For
those looking to veer off the regular Rajasthan itinerary and pacing out a usually whirl-windy trip to the state. Heritage, cusine and birding enthusiasts will especially enjoy a stay here. Shahpura is great for all age groups with plenty of open spaces and activities to engage the young and the

Operational status

Shahpura Bagh remains open through the year except the summer months of May and June.

Why we love this place

There are over 250 small lakes in and around Shahpura, making this is a bird watcher’s paradise with over 180 species of birds. The closest lake is only a stroll away, delighting every bird watcher. The property is ideal for both the uninitiated and seasoned birders to spot new and old favourites. With just 9 Rooms in a 40 acre estate – curated excursions, alfresco dining and visit to craft centres of the village, Shahpura Bagh is a destination hotel perfect for a slow travel of discovery.

About your host

Shahpura Bagh’s estate and building were once a part of the summer residence of the rulers of Shahpura. The heirs to the former rulers are your gracious hosts. Sat, Jai, Maya and the next generation with Tamiksha have taken upon themselves to put Shahpura on the map of Rajasthan’s premium tourism circuit, to offer something understated and luxurious, and to mark a special moment in history on behalf of their ancestors. Their involvement for the upliftment of the community is infinitely impactful as is the legacy of conservation left behind by their great grandfather that has been successful in greening this region in the heart of Rajasthan. At the mansion, their gentle and unobtrusive hospitality is always appreciated by guests. Sat is a photographer and birder, and should you enjoy any of these activities you can be rest assured of clever tips on light and composition, and a quick introduction to birds that the estate is teeming with.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Water conservation is at the heart of the story at Shahpura Bagh. 250 manmade lakes, built between 1850 and 1930 create an interconnected water harvesting system. Regular construction and cleaning of the water harvesting channels and dredging of the manmade lakes to harvest precious rain water is carried out. Water is heated via solar heating, in an effort to utilize an alternative energy source along with implementation of energy savings bulbs, keys and design of rooms to enhance energy saving measures. Gray water is recycled by creating soak pits and diverting the processed water to landscaping areas and gardens.

Promotion of intangible heritage as local experiences is part Shahpura Bagh’s DNA. Keeping history alive through the restoration of the mansion and spotlighting Fort Dhikola has been the abiding promise of the property to its legacy. The excellence in service, style and design is a reflection of the royal legacy, vignettes of which can be seen and experienced through the property. For both the residence hotel and the Fort, age old building techniques were used through local artisans thereby providing employment. Furthermore, waste material was used in the construction process with crazy broken stone tiles used for crazy paving and Arras (lime) used for the flooring mixed with waste marble powder.

Shahpura Bagh is cognizant and sensitive towards the land and the surrounds. There has been efficient resource utilization in the construction and refurbishment, ensuring that the fragile natural ecosystem is preserved. There is clear focus on using tourism as a means to boost the subsistence based agrarian economy. Shahpura Bagh promotes the sale of locally made handicrafts and provides design ideas and business concept in an effort to support and re-energise the artisans of the area.

The staff is not only local, but also hired across several tribal communities, thus maintaining diversity. Staff are trained in their area of specialization and multi-skilling is ensured as well as job rotation schemes, to make the job interesting and rewarding.

Our Recommendation

Sign up for walks into the lanes of the small town for heart warming vignettes of people about their work. Don't miss early morning walks along the bund of the Nahar Sagar lake and tour the lake on a hand rowed boat . If you are a twitcher, keep your binocular slung around your neck at all times. Pre-book a dinner on the 'bhurj' at the Dhikola Fort - it's once in a lifetime experience.

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