Ranthambhore in style

Sujan Sher Bagh

Sujan Sher Bagh

Ranthambhore National Park
, Rajasthan
, India

Sher Bagh by SUJÁN really is the perfect jungle camp and is a hugely justified member of Relais & Chateaux. One of the first ever Relais & Chateaux’s in the country, it was among India’s first luxury tented camps and is globally acknowledged as the most charming and authentic place to stay in Ranthambore. The SUJÁN family has played an active part in the conservation effort at Ranthambore since 1974 and continues to do so more than 40 years on today.

Our Rating: Opulent
Property Type: Wildlife/Nature Lodge


SUJÁN, is all about service, style and sophistication and these elements are perfectly showcased at Sher Bagh – spectacular and unparalleled in Ranthambore. It’s the little touches and surprises that make it such a special place to stay at. Being all about nature, wildlife and the hunt for the elusive tiger, many hours are spent out in the park with some of the best naturalists in the state.


The Sher Bagh has:
• Ten Luxury Tents, one Luxury Tented Suite and one Royal Tented Suite
• A Lounge Tent, Dining Tent, The Library Bar, The Sher Bagh Field Room
• A swimming pool overlooking rolling hills
• An in-house Boutique, ‘Safari Chic’.
• Two Spa Tents with a range of treatments available
Themed to evoke memories of the 1920’s Raj era, the camp is furnished in campaign style furniture reminiscent of the future King Edward VIII’s celebrated tour of India in 1921.

With its own Jacuzzi and outdoor shower, this is the dream suite for anyone looking for that peaceful escape into the wild. Larger than the Luxury Tents and separated from the rest of the camp with adobe, handmade mud walls, it is the only place you will want to be in between game drives and excursions. Sher Bagh provides you with binoculars and a digital camera to create a more personal experience while on safari in Ranthambhore.
Oozing with luxury and comfort, The Burra Sahib Suite not only redefines conventional idea of camping, it sets a benchmark for luxury in the wild. Larger than both the Pukka Sahib Suite and the Luxury tents and decorated with furnishings fit for a king (literally!), it is the only camping experience you will want to stay in, while on safari anywhere. Walled off from the camp with views of the surrounding wildscape, the suite has a private heated swimming pool and is assigned its own private butler. Sher Bagh also provides you with your own digital camera, for the duration of your stay with us as well as your own set of high magnification binoculars. Secluded spaces around the tent also allow you to dine privately should you wish to.


SUJÁN prides itself on its cuisine. Sher Bagh grows much of its own produce and is running its own breeding programme for indigenous cattle and poultry. Our dairy provides fresh milk on a daily basis, and we have a steady supply of our own eggs from the poultry. At Sher Bagh, you are always consuming produce and ingredients that are conveyed from ‘farm to fork’. What we do not grow ourselves, we source from local farmers. Our cuisine strikes a balance between the well-known classics, a dash of the ‘Anglo-Indian’ cuisine of the Raj and ‘jungle cooking’ using family recipes made with traditional methods which out in the bush.

The Jungle Bar, one of a few watering holes around Camp has an enviable selection of drinks, including some delicious cocktails made to secret recipes. Over a three night stay you are likely to dine across several locations around Camp in a unique setting which compliments the particular cuisine on offer.


Sher Bagh’s drivers and guides are the best in the business and proudly hold over 150 years’ experience between them. With the environment and conservation, at the core of SUJÁN you will learn everything you want to know about Ranthambore in their care.

Why we love this place

The SUJÁN team, all hugely passionate about the environment and conservation, have even adapted the jeeps’ undercarriage to make them more comfortable; and where else do you get your own binoculars, blankets and even ‘dust glasses’ – they think of everything here! When not out game viewing, explore Ranthambore Fort, relax by the pool, drink fine wine, feast on delectable food, enjoy a pampering massage, go on camel rides or bird walks; or lie back on a daybed, looking across the fields and woodland. The perfect place for dedicated wildlife lovers who are looking for a truly genuine but elegantly luxurious jungle camp, where the family connection with Ranthambore, service and cuisine are unsurpassed.

About your host

Jaisal and Anjali have created luxury travel experiences as a catalyst for conservation. Sustainable tourism, operating in an environmentally conscious way at every level is crucial to their conservation efforts and success, alongside protecting the wilderness & wildlife in India and working with the local communities to ensure that they not only benefit from the SUJÁN properties existing but also thrive because of them.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

SUJÁN is deeply conscious of and committed to environmentally friendly practices, sustainable conservation tourism and building partnerships with our local communities.

For every guest who chooses to stay at a SUJÁN included in their per night rate is a ‘Conservation Contribution’ This directly goes towards helping fund the conservation activities and community development initiatives in the local area. The teams at SUJÁN have always encouraged their guests to experience reality, whether it is being eyeball to eyeball with wildlife or taking time out to observe the lives of the local communities.

Guests are encouraged to take the time to meet the conservation partners and see some of the SUJÁN projects themselves to gain a better understanding of the work the SUJÁN Family do to conserve species and spaces in the areas they are based in. Every guest who visits a SUJÁN is assured of leaving better informed about conservation, wildlife, man-animal relationships and the cultures and traditions of their surroundings.

This happens naturally through spending time with the rangers, guides and the teams at properties. This aim to share their world and inform their guests about issues that matter are at the very heart of SUJÁN’s conservation efforts and allows guests to truly understand how by staying with SUJÁN they are directly making a contribution.

Our Recommendation

Walk up to glorious Ranthambore Fort for spectacular views of the park, and take time out by the pool.

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