An authentic village adventure

Wild Glamping Gal Oya

Wild Glamping Gal Oya

Gal Oya National Park
, Sri Lanka

Located near Gal Oya National Park, Wild Glamping Gal Oya is stationed in “Rathugala,” a majestic mountain-locked village inhabited by the Veddas — the aboriginal inhabitants of Sri Lanka.

Experience a unique adventure of glamping in Sri Lanka in rustic luxury and authenticity cocooned by pristine savannah & medicinal forests and mist-wrapped mountains. The location of the property lets nature lovers indulge amidst a 30-acre good practice organic farm and learn the art of living in harmony with nature from the Veddas.

Live in a historic village surrounded by vegetation and misty hills. The lavishly designed tented lodges at Wild Glamping Gal Oya are replete with a host of amenities and facilities. Discover an immersive experience like no other in a remote, unspoiled region of Sri Lanka.

Our Rating: Mid Range
Property Type: Tented Camp


Wild Glamping Gal Oya is located near the Gal Oya National Park, a wildlife sanctuary boasting 150 species of vibrant birds and 32 species of mammals, including elephants, Sri Lankan leopards, sloth bears, wild boars, water buffaloes, and deer.

Be it a calming boat safari to observe the endemic and migrant birds on the “Bird Island” or a thrilling jeep safari, the Gal Oya National Park offers the best of both worlds for wanderers at Gal Oya Eco hotels.

Uncover countless escapades in the historic Rathugala village inhabited by the Adivasi people – a Vedda or indigenous tribe that calls Rathugala their home.

The property borders the Rambakan Oya, the perfect place to cool down after a long day of adventures.


Replete with an array of modern comforts, including a private bathroom, a double bed, AC, and a seating area, the Family Tented Lodge is a massive living space for up to 4 adults, carefully stationed to minimise the impact on the environment, allowing the guests to enjoy the area’s flora and fauna.

The Deluxe Tented Lodge is the perfect base for an adventurer or two. Comprising a spacious bed, a private bathroom, and a seating area in the space of 48 Sqm.


The restaurant at the site is positioned against a backdrop of gorgeous summits in the Gal Oya region facing the pool. Choose from a range of delicious meals – Sri Lankan and international – prepared by in-house chef.

From tasting the village curd with bee’s honey and community specialties to enjoying a BBQ night around the river deck there are many culinary adventures in store for you.

You can savour smoked meat items dipped in bee’s honey, collected by the Adivasi people from Rathugala and Nilgala area. Mouth-watering dishes are prepared using fresh vegetables harvested from our organic farm and lake fish caught from the fresh waters.


Wild Glamping Gal Oya is the perfect marriage of adventure and authenticity. Venture into the forest with the island’s aboriginal inhabitants, take a tour to the organic farm, or go on a safari in the Gal Oya National Park.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Aiming to bring passionate travellers closer to nature with community engagement, Wild Glamping Gal Oya ensures to protect and preserve the surrounding environment whilst empowering the local communities, including the indigenous inhabitants of the Rathugala Village where the property is located.

Wild Glamping Gal Oya aspires to make a positive impact on the environment and on the lives of local communities, including the Adivasi people in the area. Guests can interact with the indigenous people involved in farming activities and other daily chores at Wild Glamping Gal Oya – this makes the glamping experience educational, too!

More than 90% of the property’s staff include indigenous people and other members from the neighbouring communities.

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