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Our Activity Level Ratings

Activity Levels Explained

We want everyone who travels with us to enjoy each day of their amazing holiday. We’ve made it easy for you to select your ideal holiday by giving each holiday an Activity Level rating. 

All our holidays involve some excursions and transfers that require walking over short distances on easy ground. Monuments, places of interest and
ancient sites may include more walking, occasionally on uneven ground or inclines.

We take various factors into account while rating each holiday, such as the pace of activities, amount of walking each day, the terrain and altitude, the amount of time you’ll have to yourself outside planned excursions and activities, and the journey times between destinations.  

We’ve shown some scenarios for each of our ratings to help you visualise and choose what suits you best.



A relaxing holiday typically has visits to cultural sites on some days, and may have experiential activities such as cooking, yoga and pottery classes.

You may be spending time on a beach, at a spa, or in areas of natural beauty, and will have plenty of time to enjoy the facilities at your chosen hotels. Generally, you’ll stay at each hotel for at least two to three nights.

Leisurely Active

Leisurely Active

Similar to a ‘Leisurely’ trip, but with some more time spent on easy paced activities on most days, such as walking around cultural sites, cities and museums, or doing wildlife safaris. Some evenings may involve attending a cultural performance.

Generally, you’ll stay at each hotel for at least two nights, and travel between destinations will be evenly spaced out.



These holidays blend relaxing and mental stimulation, with more time spent exploring your destination. Great for people of all ages who are reasonably fit, enjoy the outdoors and have a spirit of adventure.

You may be walking around cultural sites and cities on most days, coupled with some moderately physical activities such as cycling on easy terrain, 2-4 hour walks in nature reserves or wildlife safaris that involve early morning starts.

Travel between destinations may involve slightly longer drives, or train journeys.

Mildly Challenging

Mildly Challenging

Similar to a ‘Moderate’ trip, but requiring some passion to fuel your efforts. You’ll need to be moderately fit, keen for adventure and have some previous experience of the activities you’ll be doing on the trip.

A wildlife holiday may involve doing both morning and afternoon safaris, or doing full day safaris. You may be doing jungle or birdwatching walks/treks with expert guides. A cultural holiday may involve a busy itinerary visiting several points of interest, sometimes remote. You may be hiking/cycling some short routes (2-4 hours).

Travel between destinations may involve some long drives, or overnight train journeys.



Ideal for those with a good level of fitness and some experience of physically demanding conditions, these holidays are designed around the experiential physical activities you are keen on.

Your holiday may involve hiking or cycling over longer distances, uneven terrain, at altitude or in taxing weather, where generally you will return to the comforts of your hotel to charge your batteries for the next day’s adventures.



Ideal for those with a high level of fitness and experience of physically demanding expeditions, these holidays are designed around the experiential physical activities you are keen on.

Your holiday is likely to involve some full day hikes over challenging terrain, or a multi-day trekking expedition at altitude that includes outdoor camping.

Fitness to Travel and Special Requirements

Note that the above ratings apply primarily for those with no special needs.

While facilities for wheelchair users at airports and most good hotels on the Indian Subcontinent are perfectly adequate, not all monuments, places of interest and ancient sites may include even pathways and stair free access. However, a great deal of assistance can be planned and sought, especially if mobility limitations and special requirements are known in advance. If anyone in your group has special needs, please talk to us and we shall be very happy to advise you keeping your needs and your desired holiday activities in mind.

Our Accommodation Ratings

Opulent: Exceptional, unashamedly the best of sheer luxury. (£££££)

Luxury: Outstanding levels of 5* comfort, hospitality and facilities. (££££)

Premium: Excellent levels of comfort and hospitality and a wide range of facilities. (£££)

Mid-Range: Good levels of comfort and hospitality, with a reasonable range of facilities. (££)

Simple: Clean and simple, no frills. Often in areas of natural beauty or near wildlife reserves. (£)