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Harvinder Singh

Harvinder Singh is an expert wildlife guide who knows Ranthambhore National Park and its tigers better than anyone else.

One of the most senior and respected wildlife guides in Ranthambhore National Park, Harvinder Singh is a font of knowledge, experience, good humour and considerate hospitality.

Harvinder came to Ranthambhore long before tiger tourism did. Starting his career working with and learning from the icons and pioneers of tiger conservation in Ranthambhore and India, Harvinder built his vast knowledge and reputation on hard work and dedication. Within the circles of tiger conservation in Ranthambhore, Harvinder knows everyone, and everyone knows Harvinder. The respect and affection he has from his peers is only matched by the regard his tour groups have for him.

Harvinder has been a source of constant inspiration and encouragement, a champion of tigers and his beloved Ranthambhore.