Once the capital of the mighty Mughal Empire, this city on the banks of the Yamuna River has become synonymous with its most famous building, the wonderous Taj Mahal.

Yet, Agra is no one-hit wonder. The Mughals were great builders, and there are numerous treasures to be sought and found here for those who linger longer. Apart from Delhi, no other Indian city can compete with Agra for Mughal heritage, not just in its monuments, but in its living culture, language and cuisine. The old city markets, minarets of mosques grand and small, the narrow lanes and by lanes, the gardens by the riverside, all are poignant reminders of the glory days of the Mughals.

Agra also has a superb collection of British colonial heritage, from old churches, civil buildings and educational institutions to the military cantonment and its graveyards, that highlight the city’s importance during the British Raj.

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