The small city of Bijapur, also known as Vijayapura, has some of the best Islamic architecture in South India. It was the former capital of the Adil Shahi Dynasty who built many remarkable monuments, including the Gol Gumbaz (the world’s second largest free-standing dome), where the stairs lead to the famous whispering gallery with its impressive acoustic effects.

The graceful Ibrahim Rauza tomb is often regarded as the epitome of Deccan’s Islamic architecture.

The old walled city is perfect for a guided walk with our expert guide. Several impressive buildings still survive in the walled city, and its great ramparts can be scaled at several points.

Don’t miss the 55-ton ‘Malik-e-Maidan’ canon, located on one of the bastions. Its muzzle is designed in the shape of a lion’s head devouring an elephant. It is said to be the largest piece of cast-bronze ordnance in the world.

On the outskirts of Bijapur lie the the ruins of the ‘Palace of Songs’, where the sultans staged concerts of music, poetry and dance in the 17th century. If your visit coincides with the annual music festival (February), you can watch artists from all over India performing in front of the floodlit ‘Sangeet Mahal’.

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