Medieval Mandu

The ‘City of Joy’ Mandu embodies the love of the poet-prince Baz Bahadur for his beautiful consort Rani Roopmati; her pavilion, high on the crest of a hill, still overlooks his magnificent palace, and the balladeers of the region still sing about their love.

The Malwa Sultans built exquisite palaces such as the Jahaz Mahal and the Hindola Mahal as well as ornamental canals, baths and pavilions. Under the Mughals, Mandu became a pleasure resort; with its many lakes and palaces, celebrations were extravagant, and the prevailing spirit was of gaiety.

Each structure in Mandu is an architectural gem—don’t miss the massive Jami Masjid and Hoshang Shah’s Tomb, which provided inspiration to the builders of the Taj Mahal.

Our expert guide will share the rich history and stories that surround the buildings in the royal enclosure – the Champa Baoli, Dilawar Khan’s Mosque, Nahar Jharokha, the Ujali (bright) and Andheri (dark) Baolis, Gada Shah’s Shop and House, and Taveli Mahal.

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