Luxury Tea Bungalows

Ceylon Tea Trails

Ceylon Tea Trails

, Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tea Trails comprises five restored historic tea planter residences, called bungalows, perched at an altitude of 1250 metres in Sri Lanka’s panoramic Ceylon tea region. Complete with period furnishings, gracious butler service, and gourmet cuisine, the non-hotel ambiance has made Tea Trails the gold standard for luxury in Sri Lanka.

Situated within a few miles of each other, each bungalow has up to 6 guest rooms, its own lounge, bar and dining room and offers exceptional service and cuisine.

The sky awakens in a flurry of colours, setting alight the valleys beyond. Touchdown on the Castlereagh Lake by floatplane. A butler pours you your first cup of tea for the day. The sultry aroma fills the air. Relax and rejuvenate. Sink into luxurious comfort and unwind amidst the cool climate that envelopes our five tea planters’ bungalows and recognise the true purpose and joy of rediscovery.

Norwood and Tientsin have superb hill and valley views; Castlereagh, Dunkeld and Summerville are excellent for lake views.

Our Rating: Opulent
Property Type: Plantation

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