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Coconut Lagoon

Coconut Lagoon

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Experience the best of life on the backwaters at Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, a place that can only be reached by an entrancing boat ride through Vembanad lake. Here, we pay heed to the ecosphere and vibrant culture of the Kuttanad region. As you look out the window of your 150-year-old traditional ‘tharavad’ home, you can immerse in breathtaking views of the backwaters. Indulge in authentic Kerala cuisine, explore the lush, green landscapes and celebrate the backwater life; where each experience captures the pulse of Kerala’s traditions.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Heritage


Accommodation at Coconut Lagoon combines comfort with heritage for a unique experience. No two rooms are alike, each inlaid with a variety of delightful discoveries. The décor is a blend of the regional and the natural, united by a careful attention to detail. The living spaces are a testament to Kerala’s architectural heritage, with artfully crafted interiors and the rejuvenating presence of nature at every corner.

Reside in an old Tharavad structure, and come home to Kerala’s rich heritage. Rescued from demolition, these 150-year-old relics were transplanted from the past and restored with great love and care by native craftsmen. With teakwood walls, bathrooms that open partially to the blue skies, tiled roofs and traditional wooden architecture, these mansions are a testament to Kerala’s culture, while offering a rare experience of historic luxury.

Located on a narrow strip of land, the pool villas surround you with the serenity of water – with the backwaters serenading you on one side, and a paddy field on the other. Greet both the sunset and sunrise with light-dappled waterfront views, and settle into an experience of tranquility by the private pools. Each villa includes a separate bedroom, bathroom, dining and living room.


Get a taste of Kerala’s cuisine at Coconut Lagoon, beginning with Aymanam, a lakeside restaurant where you can experience delicacies prepared with an authentic touch. Savour the catch of the day prepared to perfection at Vembanad Grill, and entrench yourself in local history at Ettukettu, a multi-cuisine restaurant modelled around the ancient architectural style native to this land.

A lot of local delicacies are based on fresh catch from the lake, most notably the Karimeen – the
legendary Pearl Spot fish of the backwaters.


Coconut Lagoon offers an experience of backwater life where you unwind amidst serene greenery. You can also discover ancient secrets of Ayurveda with a range of rejuvenating treatments that pay heed to nature, implementing herbs and plants from our surroundings, or find balance with the centuries-old practices of yoga and Kalari Payattu.

Immerse yourself in the lake’s serene environs with a canoe ride exploring Vembanad’s canals, and take in the glory of the dusk on a Sunset Cruise.

Engage with the plentiful flora and fauna in this habitat by going bird-watching, or taking a stroll in the butterfly garden. Sip on hot chai served by our ‘Chaya Chechi’ as she drifts through the waterways in her floating tea shop.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

At CGH Earth, we have always worked with the local community, supported the local ethos and carried out environment-friendly practices.

There are no walls between Coconut Lagoon and the surrounding village, physical or otherwise. The people who take care of you during your stay with us hail from the local community, and are brimming with homegrown wisdom and stories. The traditional wooden houses you stay in have been protected, transplanted and reassembled, in our effort to preserve the architecture of the area. We are dedicated to preserving not just the culture, but also the fragile ecosystem.

To minimise waste, we convert all our wet waste into biogas for cooking fuel and vermicompost for manure. The few paper and plastic items that are discarded as dry waste are upcycled into building materials or decorative pieces. Our commitment to protecting the ecosystem extends to the local fauna.

Coconut Lagoon is home to a rare breed of cows from the neighbouring Vechoor. This indigenous cattle breed is dying out, but at our property you will find them grazing peacefully on the lawns. Coconut Lagoon is more than just an extension of the village; it is a celebration of the region.

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