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Dvara Siruvani

Dvara Siruvani

Western Ghats
, Tamil Nadu
, India

Journey back in time at the foothills of the majestic Western Ghats. Dvara Siruvani is a curated property which has a collection of artefacts from across Tamil Nadu giving you a glimpse into the rich heritage of this ancient civilization. Every door, window, picture or artefact have different stories and histories behind it.

One of the key themes of the property is the seamless integration of traditional with contemporary – sprinklings of local elements are on view throughout the property, from each door that is unique in style and story, to traditional murals, art, antiquity, artefacts, furniture, traditional Madras tiles each animating stories of the rich Tamil culture, heritage and history.

The central garden is the main access route and in some manner can be regarded as the element that holds the property together. Pathways lead you to your private, tucked-away cottages, as well as the common areas that have been thoughtfully located in a cluster, at the end of the property. The spa, the kitchen garden and a dinner gazebo that can accommodate a few dozen guests are set away from the property for the sake of privacy.

Expert spa therapists use a combination of aromatic oils and traditional techniques to help you unwind and enjoy your holiday as much as possible. The spa features private rooms housed in traditional spaces to make your experience completely immersive.

Our Rating: Mid-Range
Property Type: Boutique


A mere hour’s drive from Coimbatore, Dvara Siruvani sits at the foothills of the dense Western Ghats by the edge of a reservoir, a stone’s throw away from the Siruvani waterfalls that is popularly regarded as being possibly the sweetest tasting water in the world.

Dvara Siruvani’s doorway leads to a perfect oasis: an intimate set up of a restaurant, library, open green areas, a kitchen garden, spa and 10 individual cottages dotted along the calm, blue rainwater harvested reservoir with green hills as backdrop.


There are 10 thoughtfully curated cottages – 7 overlooking the mountains and 3 overlooking the gardens, artfully decorated, with vignettes of Tamil Nadu assembled seamlessly. Inner courtyards with swings, cosy sundecks, and in the case of the mountain cottages, a portico attached to the pool. Urban luxuries meet subtle aesthetics and unique artefacts and heirloom furniture. The rooms are perfect pods to unwind after a day of sightseeing, with comfy corners tucked away to read a book or just relax. The small plunge pool along the mountain view cottages are ideal to dip your feet in and relax those weary feet.


The celebrated restaurant features a menu of both, specialty South Indian and Continental dishes. The star of the show is our thoughtfully put together ‘Thali’ which features the best of Chettinad cuisine. Every nook and cranny is filled with some of the most beautiful odds and ends that have been handpicked to create the most amiable atmosphere possible, to give you the most delightful dining experience.

A special dining experience is possible whilst floating down the river alongside the town. Enjoy the magnificence of this ancient city in the softness of the river, the gentle temple bells as music for company, the floating lamps passing you by whilst soaking in the panoramic views of the Ghats – all while you taste a delectable meal.


There is plenty to keep you occupied at Dvara. If in pursuit of avian beings, a lovely serene trail leads you to the base of Western Ghats where you are sure to encounter the likes of the Paddy-Field Pipit, Indian Silverbill, Malabar Parakeet, Red Whiskered Bulbul, Vernal Hanging Parrot and more.

Sign up for a few meditation and mindful programs or a short visit at the Isha Ashram which is only a short driving distance from the property. Visit the Perumal temple, close by. The soothing vibe of the temple is ideal to start your day and get a glimpse of the much celebrated deity in Tamil Nadu.

The in-house spa sessions complete a do-nothing vibe to a day when you are in the mood for complete relaxation.

Cycles are available in the property for a spin around the village area. You can also walk around on the nature trails picked by the property to familiarise yourself with the local fauna.

Schedule a culinary workshop, with the in-house chef. Food is an intrinsic part of a travel experience, and there is no better souvenir to take home, other than the local recipes so you can time travel back to Dvara anytime.

Enjoy outdoor and indoor sports like volleyball, cricket and traditional board games in the recreation centre called Anandham.

Why we love this place

Soulful experiences lie at the heart of Dvara Siruvani – whether it’s the nature walks, cycling, playing traditional board games or signing up for culinary classes.
Dvara Siruvani is a great for a glimpse into the local Tamil Nadu life, away from the bustle of big towns. The access to the Isha Yoga Ashramand a desire for slow-pacedholiday are reasons to book this. The property is ideal for families, with plenty to do for elders and kids.

About your host

Your first interaction with the staff is at the stand alone reception and this sets the tone of your stay, where you quickly come to realise that the pleasure you receive from the magnificent views from the property are equally matched by the team’s service and the attention to detail that has doubtless gone into establishing and managing the property.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

The team comprising mostly of locals (expect the specialised team responsible for the spa treatments) are an enthusiastic group, well trained and happy to show you around, engage with you regarding the selection of activities that you choose from, respond to your every question – be it on cuisines, about the locals and of course, the parent group’s ideology and philosophy. The hotel prides itself in its eco-friendly and sustainable approach. Guests are provided with a reusable drinking water bottle and the rooms are devoid of plastic. All bathroom amenities are stored in permanent jars or offered in corn-starch biodegradable packaging. The hotel also offers access to safe drinking water to the locals while constantly maintaining and managing the water requirements for the locals from the reservoir during the summer months.

Preserving heritage in the form of decor and design inspiration for the property makes Dvara Siruvani a delightful property for those who are seeking an authentic glimpse of Tamil Nadu. A focus on local cuisine, locally sourced ingredients and gentle hospitality make it an ideal pick for those who are looking for a low-key responsible holiday.

Our Recommendation

The property is designed for relaxation with rooms overlooking a garden and a soothing vibe that surrounds it. Stay here for a couple of days to explore Coimbatore and around. The delightful thaali in the restaurant is a great way to get the palate acquainted to the spicy Chettinad cuisine.

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