Into the wilderness

Wayanad Wild

Wayanad Wild

Western Ghats
, Kerala
, India

Set deep in nature’s backyard, is CGH Earth’s experience of the wild and the natural in the hills of the Western Ghats.

Wayanad Wild is indeed a rare holiday where you get to meet nature in an unseen, unsullied and untamed manner! The forest is your constant companion, peeping in through your windows or assigning a pretty butterfly to eavesdrop on your lively chatter upon the balcony. To those smitten by raw nature, your experience starts with a 3.5 kms off-road ride to reach the forest lodge, even the pool offers front row seats to the unusual spectacles of the forest around.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Wildlife/Nature Lodge


Wayanad Wild is a quaint spot amidst the rainforests of Lakkidi in the Western Ghats of Wayanad in Kerala. Majestic landscapes, lush greenery, gurgling streams and the occasional wild encounter surrounds the property located in the heart of the woods.

Lakkidi is one of the highest locations in Wayanad and is situated 700m above mean sea level. It experiences chilly climate almost all months of the year with mist and fog. Lakkidi experiences warm climate from February-June and cool climate from October-January. During most months of the year, one can experience rainfall in Lakkidi, making this region lush with nature’s bounty. High rains are during the months of July and August. The dry season is from January to May.


The spacious rooms at Wayanad Wild are well-equipped with modern facilities and amenities. Thanks to the chill Wayanadan hills, our rooms do not need air-conditioning. And as a thoughtful bonus from nature, you have a jungle to peep out at from your window for inspiration and wonder.

The balconies give you a stunning view of the tree lines further down the slope. Salvaged ship-wood and bamboo accessories lend a warm and earthy counterpoint to the light steel structures that are built without removing the trees on the sloped terrain; together defining the living experience here!

Wayanad Wild is close to the edge of a forest reserve where the greens appear unbounded. You will not find a TV in your room, you’ll get all your shows from nature; live, wild and for free, while here. The evenings are marked by birdsong before a campfire is lit and gentle gaiety fills the air.


Meals at Wayanad Wild are understated yet unusual in their makeup and wholesomeness. Here, local is central to the culinary vision. The chef, who has now been here for over three decades, understands this very well and dutifully visits the local markets to make the seasonal purchases himself. The fish is fresh and comes straight from the harbour and from the river. A specialty here is Kingfish, stuffed with chillies and small onions, that makes for a flavorful repast. The rice most often served is Paalthondi, native to the district, and the special Bamboo rice that is painstakingly gathered and cleaned to make the local rice pudding, Payasam. The hallmark of the menu here is the merging of delicious innovation with wholesomeness.

There is no bar service at Wayanad Wild but the naturalists will definitely liven up your nights with stories of this biodiversity hotspot and night walks to spot some of the nocturnal creatures around you.


You can identify interesting plants and small animals on guided tours with a naturalist and if bird watching is your thing, the canopy offers up rare migratory birds for spotting. A Wayanad Wild holiday is family-friendly. Children can discover their love for the great outdoors through various hands-on activities. You can engage in light treks into the woods, hiking to neighbouring hillocks, cycling, and an engaging tour of the neighbouring tea factory. Zip lining and bamboo rafting in the river can be arranged outside the resort on request. The recreation centre with indoor games ensures that children are well entertained even in the evening hours while views of star-filled skies await them at night. For a uniquely immersive experience into nature, this destination offers an ideal luxury vacation for the entire family.

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