Gangtey Lodge

Gangtey Lodge

, Bhutan

Perched just below the monastery on the edges of the beautiful Phobjikha Valley, Gangtey Lodge offers world-class luxury, with spectacular views over the 17th century monastery, traditional farm houses and dense forests of Himalayan blue pine.

The lodge has 12 luxury farmhouse suites, each furnished with local furniture and characterful touches.

Everything at the lodge is designed to provide an intimate and personable experience, from its attentive staff to the luxurious specifications of the rooms and lounge. The dining/living room area has multiple cosy fireplaces and overlooks the surrounding valley.

Our Rating: Premium
Property Type: Wildlife/Nature Lodge


Gangtey (Phobjikha) Valley is a wide glacial valley and one of the most stunning areas within The Kingdom of Bhutan. It is a protected nature reserve and winter roosting grounds of the endangered black neck cranes.

The valley is rich in culture and customs, its origins shrouded in myths and legends passed down through the ages in the oral tradition. Today, the people of the valley predominantly farm potatoes, plus wheat, buckwheat, and barley. Visit the Phobjibs, who speak Nyenkha, an ancient language, and the Gangteps, who reside in the valley below the monastery and served the lamas in ancient times. Hike to a traditional farmhouse where you will be able to immerse yourself in the local community and learn more about their culture.


Unwind by the cosy fireplace and soak in deep roll top baths with sweeping views of the valley below. Enjoy the warmth of underfloor heating beneath your feet. All the suites are identical and have a private bathroom and spacious living area, with interiors reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan.


Explore new and exotic flavours on the Bhutanese menu or find comfort in old favourites. Regional cuisines inspire the creative menus.

Meals can be enjoyed in the main Dining area in the Lodge, with its cosy leather sofas, nestled around two huge stone fireplaces, and plush, hand woven carpeting offers you the perfect atmosphere for intimate evening time dining and drinks.

For a private and intimate meal, dine in the traditional woodshed located a step below the main lodge, overlooking the beautiful Gangtey valley.

The outdoor terrace is perfect for a morning cup of coffee while the valley below you awakens with fresh pine-scented air.


Reconnect with nature and hike the numerous trails through the valley, find spiritual enrichment through our experiences with the 17th Century Gangtey Monastery, and explore the rich culture of the local community, unchanged for centuries. Finish the day with a traditional Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath or a selection of bath and spa treatments.

If you are feeling spiritual, the Spiritual Experiences at the lodge support the 17th century Gangtey Geonpa (monastery) and Shedra (Buddhist college), both a short walk away. Visit these venerable institutions for spiritual enrichment and delving into ancient traditions, which are an integral part of the local community.


About your host

Gangtey Lodge is the culmination of an adventure that began back in 2003 by owners Khin Omar Win and Brett Melzer. Founders of the iconic Balloons over Bagan and the remote Malikha Lodge in Northern Myanmar, they were invited to Bhutan to explore the possibility of ballooning together with their Bhutanese partner Yeshey Norbu. Instead, when they came across the spectacular and unspoilt Gangtey valley, the seed was planted to create a luxury escape that not only helped to preserve Bhutanese rural life, but followed their philosophy to bring opportunity, training and skills into this remote community. Taking their project management team from Myanmar, they embarked on a three-year journey to build a 12-roomed Bhutanese ‘Farmhouse’ that respectfully blended into its environment and enabled guests to connect with the natural surroundings and spirituality of Bhutan.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Gangtey Lodge embraces Bhutan’s concept of Gross National Happiness by pursuing a harmonious balance between respecting nature and promoting cultural preservation and sustainable development. Luxury escapes and amazing experiences enable guests to connect physically, spiritually, and emotionally with their surroundings. Gangtey Lodge’s philosophy and belief that travel should be meaningful and positively impact the people and places that we visit strongly echoes that of Instep Adventures.

They empower and create opportunities for the local community through training and employment, and respecting the environment through low impact design and green operational practices.

Our Recommendation

Gangtey Lodge won the 2018 Travellers Choice Trip Advisor TOP 25 BEST SMALL HOTELS IN ASIA award.

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