Six Senses Gangtey

Six Senses Gangtey

, Bhutan

Six Senses Gangtey is a wellness-oriented resort that offers a spa with herbal steam treatments. Before each session, guests are guided to use a sodalite crystal to breathe and meditate with positive intentions. They also experience Bhutanese chanting and singing bowls, which create a sense of calmness, joy and well-being. The resort’s architecture reflects the local style of farmhouse construction, using natural materials such as stone and wood. The resort also features dining areas, a library and a games room for guests to enjoy.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Spa & Wellness


Each of the eight suites offers a stunning view of the valley from a private outdoor balcony, where guests can relax on daybeds and enjoy birdwatching with binoculars. For a more luxurious experience, the two-bedroom villa features its own spa treatment facilities to indulge and rejuvenate.

The interiors are elegant and simple, with natural colours and soft fabrics. The rooms have wooden floors and textured walls, creating a cozy atmosphere. Leather armchairs and footstools invite guests to unwind after adventurous days. Bukhari stoves and local throws add extra warmth to the nights under the stars.


The lodge’s Baa Zam restaurant, which means “bridge” in the local language of Dzongkha, offers a variety of dishes that combine Western and Bhutanese influences. Guests can enjoy dishes such as the Charred Pumpkin Risotto, which uses local white rice instead of Arborio, and the Bjobchee Takthuk, a traditional Bhutanese dish made with organic potatoes and buckwheat noodles from the valley.

The restaurant aims to showcase the rich and diverse flavours of Bhutanese cuisine, while also catering to international palates.

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