Jawai Leopard Camp

Jawai Leopard Camp

Jawai Leopard Reserve
, Rajasthan
, India

Nestled at the edge of Jawai hills the Jawai Bera Leopard Camp combines comfort and luxury. The seven tents and a single cottage are sumptuously finished with contemporary furniture, hand-crafted artifacts and rain showers.

Our Rating: Mid-Range
Property Type: Wildlife/Nature Lodge


Accommodation consists of one cottage and seven luxury tents complete with all mod-cons.


At the heart of ‘The Jawai Bera Leopard camp’ is an beautiful Dinning area where sumptuous meals are served, and guests can relax and unwind with a sundowner after a day’s adventure. Expect delicious green salads, homely made green vegetables, wheat bread, fresh pasta or locally caught fish. Staff will also be delighted to set up a table for you to enjoy private dining in one of many beautiful and romantic locations to be tucked away in a lovely spot to enjoy a relaxing dinner. Guests can also enjoy dinners around the campfire, or watch the meals cooked right in front of them .

Rajasthan cuisine has its own unique flavor and the simplest ingredients go into preparing most dishes. Scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables has had their impact on the cuisine. Instead of water, milk, buttermilk and clarified butter are often used. Dried lentils and beans from indigenous plants are used liberally. Gram flour is a major ingredient and is used to make delicacies. Bajra and corn, the staple grains, are used to make rotis, ‘rabdi’ and ‘kheechdi’; and various chutneys are made from locally available spices like turmeric, coriander.

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Our Accommodation Ratings

Opulent: Exceptional, unashamedly the best of sheer luxury. (£££££)

Luxury: Outstanding levels of 5* comfort, hospitality and facilities. (££££)

Premium: Excellent levels of comfort and hospitality and a wide range of facilities. (£££)

Mid-Range: Good levels of comfort and hospitality, with a reasonable range of facilities. (££)

Simple: Clean and simple, no frills. Often in areas of natural beauty or near wildlife reserves. (£)