A seasonal, luxury-tented camp

Sujan Jawai

Sujan Jawai

Jawai Leopard Reserve
, Rajasthan
, India

The heavenly Jawai is situated in the heart of the Aravalli Hills in south-west Rajasthan. Created by the inspired SUJÁN team, it is their latest tented masterpiece and lies in an untrammelled wilderness where leopards roam wild and free – a stunning area of craggy granite formations, temples, lakes and winding sand riverbeds. The gloriously luxurious tents have oodles of space and privacy and immaculate, attached bathrooms.

They are designed with an elegant and sophisticated use of pale canvas, stainless steel and leather furnishings and each tent has a private verandah that looks out over the surrounding wilderness. The Royal Tent is a triumph and is set a little away from the others. With the sleeping area leading into a spacious sitting room, this in turn leads out to a lovely sundeck and good sized heated pool which is surrounded by swaying grasses. The ultimate tent for those who crave space and privacy. Complete with your own private butler, a private jeep for wilderness game drives and spectacular views of Jawai’s dramatic, granite hills, it doesn’t get more spoiling than this.

Whilst guests can choose to dine wherever they wish, there is an inviting dining tent and the wonderfully relaxing lounge tent, replete with cosy chairs and daybeds, a plethora of books and vast bowls of liquid refreshments, leads off to a dreamy pool where delectable sundowners provide the perfect finish to a restful afternoon. The beautiful SUJÁN Spa tent is tucked discreetly away, ensuring no massage is disturbed. This in itself is a sanctuary of peace and quiet and will be sure to soothe tired bones returning from a safari.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Tented Camp


JAWAI derives its name from the seasonal Jawai river which flows through this remarkable landscape, in the heart of Godwar, Rajasthan, and empties itself into the Jawai Bandh, one of the largest reservoirs in the state. A dramatic backdrop of granite hills and kopjes, dated over 850 million years old, situated between rich agrarian fields, sand rivers, scrubland and patches of light forest surround our pioneering, luxury tented camp which is set on its own private wilderness. The camp is located equidistant between the medieval Rajput kingdoms of Jodhpur and Udaipur, which makes this unique and otherwise remote wilderness very accessible to travellers in the know.


The JAWAI camp has:
• Eight Luxury Tents, one Family Tented Suite and one Royal Tented Suite.
• A Lounge Tent and Dining Tent which are located towards the centre of the camp.
• A swimming pool overlooking the landscape.
• One Spa Tent as well as therapies available at your tent.

Ideal for families or groups of four travelling together, this suite is a set of two tents which share a common plinth and verandah. Set a little away from the other tents, the Suite offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and is bounded by private forest behind.
The finest address to stay at in the region, JAWAI’s latest addition, the Royal Tented Suite offers unbridled luxury, fused with unrivalled privacy, with spectacular views of the dramatic Jawai landscape. Set a little away from the other tents in a secluded area of its own, the suite has a private heated swimming pool, private jeep for wilderness drives, a private butler and oodles of space to spoil yourself in between game drives or excursions.


SUJÁN has a tradition of growing, sourcing and offering freshfarmed products ethically sourced from local producers. While we grow much of our own produce in-house, our farmers take great pride in partnering with us to supply only the best produce of the region. The cuisine combines a selection of local delicacies with some international classics and our bar boasts an enviable collection. While the central area of camp becomes the hub for meals, JAWAI has several spots that serve as perfect locations for private dining. The JAWAI campfire – lit throughout the winter – is the perfect space to unwind after a day in the bush.


Jawai’s beautifully remote location, combined with the unique flavour and customs of this area, provide an entirely different, rural wildlife experience from other parts of Rajasthan, yet there is an abundance of heritage around for those also keen on the cultural side of things. Staying at this delectable camp is a spoiling, visual, gastronomic (it’s a deserved member of Relais & Chateaux), exciting, romantic treat – unparalleled.

Why we love this place

One of the many joys of SUJÁN Jawai is that not being in a national park, safaris are not restricted to an area and one may freely roam around the countryside in state of the art jeeps, enjoying the stunning landscape and wildlife. Whether travelling through pretty fields by jeep, cycling through the rural villages, going on a hike in search of that perfect lookout, or exploring the beautiful lake which teems with birds, there will always be an expert, affable naturalist to accompany you. The leopard is one of JAWAI’s predominant attractions but there is so much more to see here besides the big cat. The animals co-exist alongside the vibrant and friendly Rabari herdsmen who inhabit the area and it is quite magical to go out walking with them in the early mornings – a rare opportunity.

About your host

Jaisal and Anjali have created luxury travel experiences as a catalyst for conservation. Sustainable tourism, operating in an environmentally conscious way at every level is crucial to their conservation efforts and success, alongside protecting the wilderness & wildlife in India and working with the local communities to ensure that they not only benefit from the SUJÁN properties existing but also thrive because of them.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

SUJÁN is deeply conscious of and committed to environmentally friendly practices, sustainable conservation tourism and building partnerships with our local communities.

For every guest who chooses to stay at a SUJÁN included in their per night rate is a ‘Conservation Contribution’ This directly goes towards helping fund the conservation activities and community development initiatives in the local area. The teams at SUJÁN have always encouraged their guests to experience reality, whether it is being eyeball to eyeball with wildlife or taking time out to observe the lives of the local communities.

Guests are encouraged to take the time to meet the conservation partners and see some of the SUJÁN projects themselves to gain a better understanding of the work the SUJÁN Family do to conserve species and spaces in the areas they are based in. Every guest who visits a SUJÁN is assured of leaving better informed about conservation, wildlife, man-animal relationships and the cultures and traditions of their surroundings.

This happens naturally through spending time with the rangers, guides and the teams at properties. This aim to share their world and inform their guests about issues that matter are at the very heart of SUJÁN’s conservation efforts and allows guests to truly understand how by staying with SUJÁN they are directly making a contribution.

Our Recommendation

Take an early morning stroll with the Rabari, in the soft light of the dawn sun.

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