A unique stay within a fort

Killa Bhawan

Killa Bhawan

, Rajasthan
, India

Killa Bhawan is part of a living fort and comprises of three converted bastions of Jaisalmer’s citadel, with rooms decorated in vivid shades of crimson, lime and orange and furnished with antiques and artefacts of the glorious period of the local Maharajas. Its various terraces command the finest Jaisalmer sunset views. Hotel Killa Bhawan has a simple charm that suits its romantic Arabian Nights setting. Restored with strict respect of the heritage style of the fort, Killa Bhawan nevertheless offers the most modern fittings, unmatched cleanliness and comfort.

Our Rating: Mid-Range
Property Type: Heritage


The Desert City of Jaisalmer was built of yellow sandstone in 1156, hence earned the nickname ‘Golden City’. Jaisalmer is known for its magnificent sandstone palaces, ornate Jain temple, and the finely wrought Havelis. Walking around the fort and the old city is the pure magic that is enchanting – not to mention the experience of the desert around it and the thrill of a camel safari.


The spacious eight rooms are unlike each other and are decorated in vivid shades of crimson, lime and orange. Traditional Indian fabrics are used and furnished with antiques and artifacts from the glorious ages of the local Maharajas. The exquisite rooms offer all modern amenities with comfortable mattresses, air conditioning and spotless linen. The rooms like the rest of the hotel offers stunning views of the city and the fort.


Killa Bhawan has no restaurant but various areas and terraces to have meals. The warm winter sun with breakfast on the terraces is a highlight. The cuisine served includes traditional Rajasthani fare.


Set aside the obvious which is to visit the Fort Palace, the magnificent stone carved city Havelis, the magic of Jaisalmer is to get lost in the narrow streets and alleys of the Fort. Feel the pulse of the city and the people and discover a way of life that has not changed over the last centuries.

Walking tours can be organised as well as desert safaris and camel rides.

Perfect For
couples, honeymooners, friends travelling together and families. It is not suitable for those with walking and climbing problems as with it being a heritage building there are plenty of steps to navigate.

Why we love this place

Killa Bhawan’s unique location is its biggest charm. To top it, the warmth and smiles of the staff that welcome and care to your needs – heritage and humanity combined perfectly. Old stones are nothing without love being shared!

About your host

Luca Borella arrived in Jaisalmer in 1989 while travelling across the country to discover the woollen tie & dye form for his fashion textiles company. One look at the citadel and the city and he was in love. Drawn to the historical charm and kindness of the locals, Luca kept coming back to visit and eventually decided that he had to have a home within the fort. Soon, a bastion in the fort became his home and after restoration, he decided to open it up as small guesthouse and today is a splendid heritage property.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Killa Bhawan is part of an old fort and the restoration was carried keeping in mind the heritage. Local craftsmen and artisans were employed at the time of restoration. The water tanks on top of the fort have been painted in the same colour as the fort to bring in uniformity and allowing it to blend it.

Water is a scarcity in this region, and the staff and guests are educated to save and use as little as possible. The staff are given fair wages and tips from guests are given exclusively to the lower level staff. Although bottled water is offered, the hotel provides safe filtered drinking water and is looking ahead to install a water fountain so guests can refill water bottles. There is minimal single use plastic used and cloth and canvas bags are used for shopping. Waste is segregated and collected by the local municipal organization.

The staff is well looked after and many are from the local areas and have been with the hotel for years. The local music school and organisations receives support from Killa Bhawan. Camel breeders are supported by using their services for camel rides and local arts, crafts and festivals are promoted. The ingredients for food are sourced locally and the cuisine served is local Rajasthani fare.

Our Recommendation

The unique location of Killa Bhawan within the heritage bastions of Jaisalmer Fort combined with amazing room settings will take you back to the opulent times of the Maharajas. Sip your evening tea on one of the many terraces watching the rustic way of life of Jaisalmer.

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