A Colonial Nugget

Palais de Mahe

Palais de Mahe

, Tamil Nadu
, India

Surrounded by quaint streets and period elegance of the French quarter, Palais de Mahe resembles a French Mansion complete with high ceilings and arched doorways. The style remains faithful to a historic past, while the experience on offer is a captivating blend of the old and the new, making you feel like a traveller in time.

The interiors have a distinct French character with balconies and verandahs, mostly classic in their concept, but with stylish modern touches. Cool, airy high ceilings, traditional roof beams, arched doorways and colonnades, and ochre yellow wall flourishes are a nod to the colonial way of life. The rooms, though contemporary, are painstakingly Francophilic by design.

Our Rating: Premium
Property Type: Boutique


Palais De Mahe is situated at the intersection of two beckoning worlds. One gently murmurs the spirit of Colonial France with its clean streets, neatly plastered bungalows and flower-decked balconies while the other envelops you in its salt and
spice laden air coming off the Coromandel coast of India, in great animated gusts. Its urban character is a standing tribute
to diversity: historic buildings jostle against charming sidewalk cafes, trendy designer wear boutiques stand next to native
sari shops, and other upmarket commercial addresses share humble space with roadside bangle sellers and temple pilgrims in a bustling bazaar-like environment.


Palais de Mahe carries a distinct stamp of period style marked by its high ceilings with roof beams and arched doorways. Electric punkahs, double air-conditioning and plenty of sea breeze will ensure that you stay climate-friendly at all times. There is also a big pool to help you cool off on particularly warm days. The bathrooms, though contemporary, are designed to release you into a relaxed and indulgent mood as the French would have it. We believe that if Monsieur Dupleix were to visit us he would feel quite at home at Palais de Mahe. There can be no better endorsement for all our painstaking efforts to go French.


The menu is all about contemporary progressive cuisine incorporating fresh produce.
Experience a fusion of styles, influences and innovative plating at Les Alizes. Traditional Indian dishes have been reimagined, designed to surprise the palate. Dine on the terrace, where you’ll find the catch-of-the-day on your plate. Our chefs personally select the day’s serving from the incoming boats at the harbour nearby.

The Earth Café serves up specialty coffee grown in the hills of South India but roasted locally. You can also explore the menu with teas and tall refreshers, with an assortment of fresh snacks. It’s right next to the poolside too, so it’s perfect for a
post-swim bite. And if it’s a drink you fancy, just choose from our list of imaginative cocktails, the finest in the city.

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