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Forsyth Lodge

Forsyth Lodge

Satpura National Park
, Madhya Pradesh
, India

The lodge is named after the legendary Capt. James Forsyth, who arrived in Central India as a Deputy Commissioner of Central Provinces for the British Indian Government in the year 1857. Forsyth was bewitched by the raw ruggedness of the Satpura Mountains as he rode down on his horse from Jabalpur. He was one of the earliest Europeans to have set foot into the valleys of River Denwa and from there on to the Pachmari plateau.

Forsyth Lodge focusses on in-depth wildlife and wilderness experiences without losing its local touch. Our highly experienced team of naturalists will captivate you with both enthusiasm and knowledge. Enjoy sun downers on the roof of the communal building, a contemporary rammed-earth structure, with views of the distant Satpura Hills and
overlooking the village inspired cottages built out of the same cob materials, ensuring an aesthetic blending with nature and its local environment, without compromising on comfort in any way.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Wildlife/Nature Lodge


Satpura Mountains were formed nearly a billion years ago and further during the formation of the Himalayas, the peninsular Indian plate caused a rift for the Narmada River to fill in the valley of the graben to its North. The South of the Narmada is the Deccan plateau where we are located.
Established in 1981, Satpura Tiger Reserve derives its name from the Satpura hill range that runs east to west parallel to the Vindhyan mountain range. The mountain range with its seven folds, is the highest in the centre at the Pachmarhi plateau at about 1350Mts above sea level.

The largest Tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh, Satpura is spread across mostly hilly terrain with an area of over 2100Sq.kms.


Forsyth Lodge consists of 12 independent en suite eco-luxury cottages built in an arc around the lodge building and swimming pool, each made to offer unique and private vantage points into the lodge’s carefully restored landscape.


The lounge, situated above the main dining room, gives you great views of the surrounding areas and serves delectable Indian and Continental meals. The lodge also offers farm fresh salads and produce from its organic garden. You can sample local fare at lunchtime. A candlelit dinner can be arranged. A private dining area can also be set up by the swimming pool.


Walking safaris in the core areas with highly trained naturalists; Canoe safaris; Camping in luxury tents in the buffer zone;

Why we love this place

This stylish lodge is set in a once barren tract of 44 acres of farmland, which through the efforts of its founders has been transformed into a restored forest with grassy meadows, alive again with birds and wildlife.

About your host

Forsyth Lodge’s founders pioneered Satpura National Park’s rise to prominence, helping to develop its innovative approach to nature and wildlife tourism.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

To sustain such an abundance of wildlife, we at Forsyth Lodge believe in creating minimal impact to the land. Forsyth Lodge has been adjudged an Inspirational Lodge for many practices that have created precedence for the true owners of the landscape. Our wastewater is recycled. While the grey water from the cottages is used to irrigate lily ponds, the kitchen wastewater is released in a reed pond for recharging the ground water after natural filtration.

Our food waste it is responsibly segregated and composted. The plastic and other recyclable waste is sent across to the nearby city for disposal and certified recyclers.

Some practices are quite simple like having the path lights just enough to get you around and limiting any man-made sounds around living areas so as to not disturb sleeping Langurs or the flower visiting Civets at night.
The undisturbed silence of the property is the truest luxury we provide! Knowing how important it is for our guests to have rest during a busy wildlife holiday, we do not provide TVs and Wifi as we barely leave them with any time for it.

Our Recommendation

We just love the Forsyth trail. In the 1850’s, Captain James Forsyth of the Bengal Lancer wandered along a path that is now known as the Forsyth trail. We can still walk in his footsteps and be awed by the same natural beauty that captivated him. Hiking and camping on this same passage that led him through the rugged ravines and lush forests on his way to the discovery of Pachmarhi – the virgin hill station of Central India. The trek takes 2 or 3 nights uphill or downhill with overnight camping.

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