Reni Pani Jungle Lodge

Reni Pani Jungle Lodge

Satpura National Park
, Madhya Pradesh
, India

Situated across the main entry into the national park is this elegant lodge focused on the wildlife experience. Stylish and spacious cottages are distributed in the varied landscape featuring grass lands, a seasonal nullah and a hearty tree cover, all designed to match the surrounding it is set within. The abundance of Reni trees (a kind of berry found in this region) allows a great variety of animals, insects, reptiles and birds to flourish. The Gol Ghar is the cheerful central area which houses the lounge, library, bar and dining. The lodge is run with a discerning eye for hospitality and service, with a great emphasis on the activities that allows you to explore the Satpura Jungle.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Wildlife/Nature Lodge


Satpura National Park will always be special, it has the advantage of a varied landscape with the Tawa reservoir fed by the two rivers – Sonbhadra and Denwa, rocky hills with a diverse vegetation, many water holes and a land where the rivers create interesting habitats. Connecting Tadoba, Pench and Kanha, Satpura has many firsts thanks to the initiatives of the early settlers one of whom is Reni Pani. The park experiences are varied, like walking and canoeing which allows for better wildlife engagements, and with the focus off the tiger, the lodges focus on the jungle in its entirety and hinges on the knowledge and the articulation of the naturalists. Many of the initial park naturalists were trained under the watchful eyes of the experts, and that makes a big difference to the quality of the wildlife experience in Satpura. Today, Satpura especially by the riverside and close to the village of Madhai is teeming with a collection of lodges and a thriving village, the result of tourist invasion. Reni Pani Jungle Lodge is a short drive from the Tawa Reservoir, and in its own space out in the jungles stands in splendid isolation.


Reni Pani Jungle Lodge offers accommodation in sixteen cottages and luxury tents. The cottages named as the Nallah, Forest and Hill Units have been built using local materials and feature viewing decks and large bay windows. The Luxury Tents give the jungle experience allowing you to observe wildlife closely in a natural environment. The tents come with a deck and all creature comforts with attached bathrooms offering modern amenities.


The Gol Ghar functions as the main dining are, bar and lounge and comes with a central fireplace. Following the farm to table concept as with the sister hotels, the food here exudes freshness and serves a multi-cuisine menu. Meals can be arranged in other dining venues.


Aly Rashid – the lodge manager, an avid birder captains a team of naturalists who are constantly trained under his supervision. The wildlife experience at Reni Pani is a pre-designed (depending on what is being sighted and the interests of the guests) to include park insights through walking where one can see smaller mammals, insects, touch and understand tree life and Satpura’s interesting ecology; canoeing in the reservoir is best for birding, crocodiles and other animals that graze or bask on the banks of the generous river. While in Satpura there are other interesting forest excursions like night drives in the buffer area, also a Reni Pani exclusive which offers camping options inside the buffer zone area of the national park under the "Satpura under the canvas" concept.

Perfect For
the wildlife buff who will be catered to with jungle safaris and walks, this is an ideal getaway to soak in unhindered wilderness. The Lodge is ideal to introduce children (and adults) to the magic of forests.

Operational Status

Reni Pani Jungle Lodge is shut during the monsoons (July to September). It remains open October to June.

Why we love this place

The conservation and community centric values enhance the experience here at Reni Pani.

About your host

Wildlife and the wilderness have been a passion for Aly Rashid ever since his childhood, and this inspired him to set up and run Reni Pani Jungle Lodge with his family. A trained naturalist and ornithologist, his deep involvement with Satpura has been the motivation to protect and conserve wildlife in this region. This is evident with the work he has put in here – camera trap studies in the outside areas of the park, wildlife awareness programs at local schools and the regular participation in the wildlife census studies at the Reserve.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Over the last 15 years, the lodge premises have been rewilded and become an important wildlife corridor’ – Aly Rashid, Owner, Reni Pani Jungle Lodge.

They have developed locally guided low-impact activities like walking, canoeing, camping, and cycling.
They have engaged the local community by employing them and promoting their culture by offering activities like pottery and visiting their local dwellings.
The local community is their partner, and most of the staff is recruited from nearby villages.
Reni Pani has adopted the village school outside the lodge and provided infrastructure support.
They have supported the park management in reintroducing the critically endangered Hard Ground Barasingha in the Satpura landscape.
Also committed to supporting the conservation initiative of the forest department and pledge a good part of the annual CSR funds to the Satpura park management.

Our Recommendation

Book for a minimum of three nights to take advantage of the various non-motor safaris at Satpura. Reni Pani offers an inside the forest camping experience "Satpura under the canvas" which can be added as a two nights program to your stay here.

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